Analysis of Classification and Use of Aluminosilicate Refractory Fiber Products

【China Aluminum Industry Net】Aluminum silicate refractory fiber or ceramic fiber is selected and processed with high-quality coke precious stone, high-purity alumina, silica, Zircon sand, etc., and melted or melted by electric resistance furnace. , The chemical composition and structure of the same and different dispersion materials for polymerization of fibrillation of inorganic materials. Aluminosilicate refractory fiber products are characterized by light weight, non-flammable, moisture-proof, hydrophobic, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, mechanical vibration resistance, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, convenient construction, and no loss.

Aluminum silicate refractory fiber series products mainly include aluminum silicate fiber cotton, aluminum silicate tube, aluminum silicate fiber felt/aluminum silicate fiber board, aluminum silicate fiber rope, aluminum silicate acupuncture blanket and so on. Mainly used in the chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, automotive, train manufacturing, construction engineering, refrigeration equipment and other industries. Application: equipment, sandwich filling fiber casting materials, raw materials vacuum coating raw materials.

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