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Analysis of roller skate bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-01-01

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The bearing can be decomposed into inner ring, outer ring, holding frame, steel ball, dustproof piece, etc. The quality of the bearing can also be used in these aspects; (severely speaking; the bearing should be applicable; can not be said alone Good or bad. The inner and outer rings are usually made of carbon steel or bearing steel; the plastic or iron is adhered to; the steel ball is divided into carbon steel, bearing steel and ceramic ball; the dustproof piece has white iron or rubber. The bearing also An important concept is the "gap" between the DD steel ball and the channel. Below I explain from the above aspects what kind of bearing is most suitable for use on skates.
1. From the inside and the outside circle; bearing steel is better than carbon steel; because one is carbon steel, the machining accuracy is not as good as bearing steel; the other is carbon steel is more brittle than bearing steel; the skate bearing is affected by The force is radial; there is usually a radial force of 100-150 kg during the beating process; it is damaged by simple cracking of carbon steel.
2, from the perspective of steel balls; bearing steel is better than carbon steel; ceramic balls are better than bearing steel. This is based on the fact that carbon steel is brittle; other bearings are in the process of force transformation; the channel will have high heat The appearance of steel will be very strong; if it is made of ceramic balls, it can reduce the heat by the maximum limit. Other ceramic ball bearings do not need to be smooth and smooth; the appearance is extremely smooth; it is most beneficial for rapid development.
3. From the standpoint of persistence; the smoothness of plastic is better than that of iron; but the firmness of iron is better than that of plastic; but for skate bearings; plastic is usually better than iron; The steel ball of the roller skate bearing is also very good.
4. From the perspective of the dust-proof piece; the dust-proof piece of the tin sheet is divided into a live cover and a dead cover; the live cover can be personally protected by the user; the dead cover cannot be protected; the grease is replaced if it is gone.
5, in the end, the clearance; the roller bearing bearing clearance is too large; the bearing smoothness is poor; too small; the starting torque should also be increased; so this clearance should be adequate.

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