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Analysis of the application method of SKF bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-03-08

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[1], standard constraints. General SKF bearings can be constrained by the space of the equipment. In most cases; the shaft diameter (or SKF bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical depiction or other depiction constraints. So SKF bearing type And the selection of the standard is based on the inner diameter of the SKF bearing. Therefore, the standard standard table of the standard SKF bearing is based on the world standard inner diameter standard.
The standard method of standard SKF bearings is complicated; the best SKF bearings are used in the description of mechanical equipment (this describes whether SKF bearings can be easily acquired; here is a topic; some imported SKF bearing catalogues do have the type; However, some non-standard SKF bearings are not in stock in mainland China; some time-divided futures will be very long; so in the SKF bearing selection, we must consider the cost of the time and the cost of the later replacement) SKF bearing load; the load applied to the SKF bearing Its nature, size, and direction are variable. Generally; the extra fundamental load is shown on the standard table. But the axial load and radial load, etc.; is also an important factor in selecting the right SKF bearing. When the ball and roll When the standard of the needle SKF bearing is equal; the needle roller SKF bearing generally has a higher load and can accept a large oscillation and impact load.
[2], the speed; the allowable speed is based on the type of SKF bearing; standard; accuracy; cage type; load; smooth method; and cooling method and other factors are determined. SKF bearing table lists the standard precision SKF bearing in the oil smooth and Allowable speed of grease under smooth. General; deep groove ball bearings, active self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are used in high-speed work.
[three], SKF bearing public service; SKF bearing standard accuracy and rotation accuracy is based on ISO and JIS standards. For high-precision and high-speed work, it is recommended to use SKF bearings with 5 or more precision; deep groove ball bearings, The heart thrust ball SKF bearing or the cylindrical roller SKF bearing is used for high working precision mechanical rigidity. When the SKF bearing's moving body and raceway contact surface are pressed; elastic deformation occurs. Some mechanical requirements minimize elastic deformation. Roller SKF bearings have smaller elastic deformation than spherical SKF bearings.
[four], in some cases, SKF bearings should be pre-stressed to add rigidity. This procedure is generally used for deep groove ball SKF bearings, radial thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearings inner and outer ring offset; shaft zigzag; shaft or SKF bearing box public service changes; cooperation fault will lead to the inner and outer circle of the pain. To avoid excessive pain angles; active self-aligning ball bearings; active spherical roller bearings; or self-aligning bearing is a better choice.å—“ audio frequency and torque; dynamic missile SKF bearings are produced according to high-precision standards; therefore, the sound and torque are small. Deep groove ball bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings are used in combination with low noise; low torque has a unique need.
[five], equipment and disassembly; some occasions need to be disassembled and equipment; to ensure that they can be tested and repaired according to their location. SKF bearings that can separate the inner and outer rings, such as: cylindrical bearings; needle bearings; The bearing is very suitable for this occasion. The tapered self-aligning ball SKF bearing and the active spherical roller bearing are assisted by the bushing; the same simplifies the equipment program.

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