Bank curtain glass safety precautions

The hidden dangers of banking financial institutions come from accidents but also from deliberate violations. The traditional bullet-proof glass that can withstand shots with a thickness of 25mm can't be expected to be installed on bank walls and office windows in any case. It is too heavy, and it also blocks the passage of escapes in accidents such as fires. On the 15mm ordinary glass, it can meet the requirements of the bulletproof requirements of the Freda security film, in the ordinary window glass thickness of 5mm, you can easily resist the stone throwing and iron slamming.

ZhongFreda Corporation, a leader in the glass safety protection industry, specializes in the production and sales of independent intellectual property rights, international leading anti-riot safety film and special glass derived from safety film. Frida glass safety film has all the functions of previous generations of products such as safety film, ordinary explosion-proof film, general architectural film, solar film (insulating film), bulletproof film, etc., and it has practical functions such as preventing smashing, preventing throwing objects from penetrating, bulletproof, etc. The indicators are the main protection topics and form a special series of anti-mite films, anti-permeation films and bullet-proof films. Another patented product owned by China Fredaton, Fufu Super Front Glass, is to bring new products to Furuda. The ultra-thin, moth-proof and bullet-proof front gears have received great attention from all walks of life at the beginning. People have finally seen the super front glass that can both mitigate the impacts and penetrating the accident.

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