Blank room simple decoration steps Blank room decoration five processes

At present, most of the houses we purchase are rough rooms, so that the owners can see the materials inside and ensure the quality of the houses. But for the first time the decoration of the owners, the rough room decoration is a problem, then the rough room how easy to decorate it, the following article will give you a brief introduction to the rough room decoration steps.

Blank room simple decoration steps: ready rough room decoration tools

Before the renovation of the rough house, it is necessary to prepare the decoration tools. Tape measure, calculator, big plate clip are all essential. In addition, it is advisable to prepare old towels (soft cotton, paste bricks) and plastic bags (wrapped on the pipe joints to prevent blockage of dirt) on site.

Blank room simple decoration steps: the main demolition reform

The demolition of the main body is the first step in the decoration of the rough house, which mainly includes the demolition of the wall, the masonry wall, the shovel wall, the demolition of heating, the replacement of plastic windows, and so on. The dismantled garbage should be cleared out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the interior and make the construction behind us more convenient. At this time, items such as doors, cabinets, water heaters, and hoods can be determined.

Blank room simple decoration steps: pay attention to hydropower reform

Hydropower renovation is crucial in the renovation of rough houses. If the walls and ceilings are closed, it is more difficult to install the outlets. Therefore, be sure to determine the exact location of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, etc. When hydropower is reformed, it is best to watch the master at the site and finish it personally. Before the hydropower reform, the first measurement should be taken to help you determine the power and waterway reconstruction plan.

Blank room simple decoration steps: riser, tiling

Because the bathroom environment is relatively humid, the material of the stand-up tube must not be wood keel, so be careful, even if the wooden keel is not suitable for brush antisepsis. The standpipe material is preferably made of light steel keel, or red brick. Light steel keel provinces, but the red bricks are more robust.

Blank room simple decoration steps: oil workers go into battle

Most of the blending now done is direct spray. It is best to let workers spray white on the inside of the door and the meter box. This will not only be wasteful but also beautiful. The steps of brushing the wall are leveling, sanding, and brushing. If the effect is good or not, it depends on the skill of the oil worker. If the wall is to be painted, the color must be noticed. The color of the color to be drawn is lighter than the color card. Do not equate it with the color card or deeper than it is. Otherwise, you will regret it. Because at least two coats of paint are used to paint the walls, some of them are still three times. The color of the wall will be deeper than the one layer.

Article Summary: The above is about the rough room decoration of the steps of the relevant introduction, I hope everyone can have a certain understanding of the rough room decoration, rough room simple decoration is still relatively simple, I hope everyone can learn.

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