Bonafontein teaches you to use a coffee machine

In the past, coffee was only exclusive to a few high-end consumer groups. With the spread of coffee culture, coffee has been integrated into the lives of the general public. Today, a variety of coffee machines are entering a large number of ordinary citizens. With the popularity of home coffee machines, many people are keen to make coffee at home. Then Bonafontein will tell you how to make coffee using a coffee machine?


Put the coffee filter paper into the filter basket, which is the filter paper, and try to put it right. Use a coffee pot to pick up the cool amount of coffee you want to drink. Pour all the water from the coffee maker into the water reservoir behind the coffee machine. The scale in the reservoir should match the scale of the coffee maker. Cover the top cover, place the coffee maker in this way, and open the switch.

Start drinking coffee, you can do other things. The coffee is getting out, the coffee machine automatically stops the water and keeps the coffee warm, so it doesn't matter if you forget it, then add a coffee companion to your taste and put sugar. Remove the filter paper and throw it away. Rinse the filter paper and it will be OK.



The coffee machine should be placed on a level, stable table or table to avoid overturning.

The coffee machine should be placed away from children and elderly people with inconvenient movements to avoid the risk of burns.

The coffee machine should be filled with water in an appropriate amount. Excessive amount of water is likely to cause overflow and bury a safety hazard.

Every time you use the coffee machine, you should cut off the power and clean the cleanable part of the coffee machine.

After cleaning the coffee machine, dry the excess moisture with a soft, dry cloth and place the machine in a dry, ventilated environment.

The above is the knowledge of the coffee machine used by Xiaobian for you. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of our website.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds Shades

Motorized honeycomb cellular shades is in their specially honeycomb shape that air cell of a unique construction , Motoried Honeycomb Shades blocks harmful UV rays , provide perfect level of privacy and excellent insulation from outdoor to indoor room.  Motorized cellular shades offers superior energy efficiency,  keeping inside room temperature to achieve home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer . 
Honeycomb Cellular blinds has a wide range of uses and diversified operation,  the two most popular modes are Electric Top Down & Bottom Up honeycomb blind and Automatic Day / Night  cellular blinds,  two of  blockout shades and filtering light shade are in one, to the greatest extent possible to meet the requirement of consumer. Honeycomb Cellular blinds is perfect skylights window treatment , it provide one or more insulation layers that keeping heating and cooling air inside room .

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Operating System    

It is easy to find out Operating system for Cellular shades. Top Down/ Bottom Up cellular blind, or Day / Night Cellular shades whateven you like. Motorized honeycomb cellular blinds would be a very worthwhile investment operation system , it is more convenient and easier .

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Explore the widest selection of cellular pleat sizes , semi opaque and opacities , colors , textures . Honeycomb shadings can also meet many specialty shaped windows . 


Studies show that windows are responsible for up to 50% of your home`s energy losses . Honeycomb cellular shade trap air in distinct pockets , creating exceptional insulation . helping lower energy consumption and bills .

Room Darkening

Blockout Cellular blinds offer unparalleled darkness . The secret lies within exceptional insulation material , optimized to absorb or deflect nearly all incoming room light .

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Improve your room`s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound. Honeycomb Shade absorb up to 70% of sound energy , creating a more quiet .

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