Can I put wallpaper directly on the wall of the old house?

In the renovation of old houses, the wall renovation project is very important. In order to make the walls have better decorative effects and enhance the aesthetics of the living room, many owners plan to put wallpaper on the walls when the old houses are renovated. Wallpaper is a simple and convenient decoration method for old house renovation. Due to the peeling or uneven unevenness of the walls of the old houses, some owners would like to know that the walls of the old houses can be directly affixed with wallpaper? Let us take this question today to understand that the walls of the old houses can be directly Post a wallpaper !

Can the wall of the old house be directly pasted with wallpaper

Generally speaking, after living in a house for a period of time, there are some damages to the wall surface, such as peeling paint, uneven wall surface, and paint drop. If the paint in your old house is firm and does not fall off, and the wall is flat, then we can directly brush the base film and lay wallpaper, which is more trouble-free and worry-free. However, if the wall damage of the old house has been great, or the original wallpaper has been pasted, then we need to shovel the old wall material clean, after the sanding is smooth and smooth, to ensure that the wall is flat and smooth, you can lay wallpaper.

Do you paste wallpaper directly on the wall?

According to the relevant construction specifications, when we paste the wallpaper, we should apply special glue on the back of the wallpaper, and then put them aside for about 5 minutes, and then directly on the wall. Of course, some wallpapers are with self-adhesive adhesive. If you buy this kind of wallpaper, we only need to tear off the bottom paper when laying it. For the wet south, we need to apply a layer of moisture-proof paint or base film on the smooth wall before proceeding to the next step.

Is the wallpaper cut first and then put on the wall

Perhaps some owners believe that to have a better paving effect, then we need to lay them on the wall before installation, and then cut them. But this method is wrong. The wallpaper in a roll has a certain weight. If it is directly laid on the wall, it will be heavy and inconvenient to lay, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to our installation. Therefore, before paving, we must measure the size, calculate the number of wallpapers, cut the corresponding length, align the pattern, and then number it on the wall.

How to deal with the switch on the wall when pasting wallpaper

Since there will be some switch sockets on the wall, if we encounter a switch during installation, we will ignore it for the time being. After the whole wallpaper is laid out, we calculate the position and size of the switch, and finally cut a cross opening at the power switch, and then use a scraper to press the four sides of the switch, and carefully cut off the excess part.

Editor's note: The above is the relevant content of the old house wall that can be directly posted on the wall of the old house explained by Qi Xiaobian and everyone. I hope I can give you some reference! What a wonderful content!

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Wallpaper can be directly attached to the wall of the old house

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