Classification of pesticides for pesticides and measures to save them?

Classification of pesticide damage to plants and measures to save them:

The phytotoxicity of pesticides to plants can be divided into acute and chronic. Acute phytotoxicity is manifested within a few hours to several days after spraying, such as leaf spots (fruits) appear spots, yellowing, chlorosis, withering, rolling leaves, deciduous fruit, constricted clusters and so on. Chronic phytotoxicity will only be manifested after a long period of time, such as weak photosynthesis, flower bud formation and delayed fruit ripening, dwarf deformity, and deterioration of flavor and color. In the event of phytotoxicity, the following measures should be taken immediately to rescue: Linyi Fertilizer Network Co., Ltd.
1. Spraying potassium permanganate: Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant that has oxidative decomposition effects on various chemicals. Spraying 6000 times potassium permanganate solution can effectively alleviate the phytotoxicity. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2. Rinse with clean water: Most chemical agents are not resistant to water washing. If the concentration of the application is too large, the spray may be sprayed with water to the leaves of the fruit trees to wash away the residual agent on the surface of the leaves. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Third, suspend the same kind of drugs: Before the phytotoxicity has not been completely relieved, try to reduce the use of pesticides, especially the same kind of pesticides should be stopped, so as not to aggravate the phytotoxicity. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Fourth, the application of fertilizer water: fruit trees after the occurrence of phytotoxicity, combined with watering to add some quick-acting fertilizer, and then cultivating loose soil, can promote fruit trees to restore normal growth and development as soon as possible. At the same time, foliar application of 0.3% to 0.5% urea, 0.2% to 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc., to improve the nutritional status of the fruit trees and enhance the roots. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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