Construction Information (1.10): Copper, Aluminum

The "Risk Warning" section of the magazine aims to describe the risk of long and short positions through the icon of the star flag. It is used as a reference for investors when dealing with open positions. In actual operation, investors need to trade according to their own short-term midlines. Different strategies and different varieties of fluctuations in the characteristics of a specific grasp. The specific star classification criteria are as follows: ☆ The reverse run range of new-year closing price may be less than 2%. ☆ ☆ The reverse run range of new-year closing price may be greater than 2%. ☆☆ ☆ The period price is the reverse of the newer closing. The rate may be greater than 3%. ☆☆☆☆ The reverse run of the period from the newer closing may be greater than 4%. ☆☆☆☆☆ The reverse run of the period from the newer close may be greater than 5%. Risk Warning: Bulls: ☆ Short Risks: ☆ Tips before the market: Orient: Copper: Affected by the rebound of the U.S. dollar, yesterday's copper prices in March of the LME showed a trend of a sharp decline, which ended at US$2967.5/tonne, up 2.5 US dollars/ton from the previous trading day. The range is 3003~2942.5 US dollars/ton. The focus in the foreign exchange market is the forthcoming US employment data. Due to the expected good results, the US dollar rebounded and thus suppressed the rebound of copper prices. From a technical perspective, the technical rebound of copper prices after receiving support on the 120-day moving average, but yesterday's 20 The pressure from the daily average led to a rebound in copper prices. The US employment data announced this evening will determine the direction of the US dollar and will also determine whether the copper price will continue to rebound or whether it will explore the underlying support. After Shanghai's domestic copper exhibited a strong opening momentum yesterday, it oscillated all the way up and basically recovered the price-lost floor of the daily limit. The major involvement of the major was a fundamental reason why the price of copper was so strong. At the same time, as the spot price remained tight, the bulls were fearless. mood. The domestic spot price also rebounded a lot and was reported at 30630~30780 yuan/ton. In operation, a small number of short-term orders can be established on the 502 contract. Aluminium: Affected by the dollar rally, yesterday's aluminum prices in LME also fell slightly yesterday, compared to a closing price of 1812 US dollars / ton, compared with the previous trading day fell by 12 US dollars / ton, fluctuations in the range of 1826.5 to 1796.5 US dollars / ton. The domestic Shanghai aluminum exhibited a trend of a sharp decline yesterday. The main contract 0503 was blocked at 16,000 yuan. However, due to the limitation of aluminum production costs, the aluminum price has a relatively limited space to fall. In operation, short-term orders can be created when there is a rapid drop in the market. The domestic spot price rebounded yesterday and reported at 15790 to 15810 yuan/ton. Overseas Express: LME Market Report: January 7 news: London Metal Exchange (LME) base metals closed higher across the board Friday, but out of the day highs, as the dollar reversed against the euro, the decline trend. Three-month copper closed at a ton $2,974, higher than the combined trading price of 2,951 on Wednesday evening. It had traded not far below $3,000. "The dollar is stronger and the metal is weaker." A trader said, "Make a profit later in the afternoon." He said that the exchange rate Volatility is the dominant factor in the metal market trend. After the US announced slightly weaker-than-expected December non-farm payrolls report, the dollar initially fell, but then reversed the decline, as traders reassessed the report and considered it strong enough to allow The US Federal Reserve Board (FED) continued to raise interest rates in 2005. The euro fell below the key level of $1.3050 against the US dollar. It earlier rose to 1.3250 shortly after the release of US employment data. Typically, US investors and speculative funds buy through Into the commodity futures way to hedge the risk of the dollar down. However, the overall turnover is relatively light, traders said that the tumble caused by the sale of funds on the scare off the market traders, so that its basic exit wait and see, wait New trading guidelines. The prices of major base metals plummeted by more than 8% on Tuesday. The large-scale liquidation of the fund, the copper price that was once approaching a 16-year high of US$3,175, fell below US$2,900 per ton on that day. Traders said that there is room for a downtrend. Limited, due to this week's spot / three months reverse spread widening, and spot contracts due next week will be tight. The ** copper inverse spread may widen ** next week due contract tension stems from a massive sell-off during LME Week last October At that time, the three-month contract had become a spot contract. Traders said that there will be more short-covering and borrowing transactions next week, which will increase the spot/three-month reverse price spread and support copper prices. Indicator spot/three months The inverse spread has been extended from about $110 on Tuesday to $155/165. The period of aluminum and other metals has increased during the follow-up period. Three-month aluminum has risen to 1,814, reported Thursday at 1,805, and the spot/three-month reverse spread is 7.00/10.00. In US$, the three-month lead rose to 913, and Thursday’s 894. Three-month zinc rose to 1,228, and Thursday’s 1,207. Three-month nickel reported 15,000, higher than Thursday's 14,500, three-month tin. Reported 7,745, higher than Thursday's 7,500. COMEX Copper Market Report: NEW YORK, January 7: Senior copper on the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) fell slightly on the 7th. Among them, March copper fell 50 points to 137 cents. It was 136.55 cents lower and 138.80 cents higher throughout the day. Traders said that although employment data is good for the market, investors’ participation is not high and the market is light. According to data released by the US Department of Labor, the number of non-farm payrolls in the United States increased by 157,000 in December, slightly lower than the previous forecast of 175,000. After the menstrual correction was revised, it increased by 137,000 and 112,000 before the amendment. Analysts said that the rise in copper inventories on the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the rise in the US dollar put pressure on the market. Although the current market is slightly oversold, it is currently in a sensitive area and will enter a short-term adjustment. The March contract is expected to oscillate between the 50-day and 100-day moving averages. On the 7th, LME copper stocks fell 125 metric tons to 48,375 metric tons. On the 6th, COMEX copper stocks remained unchanged at 48,455 short tons.