Construction site inspection notes

The inspection of single-cylinder diesel generators at the construction site is a matter of whether or not you are aware of them. This has important implications for the safe use of generator sets. Following the full power to the user to introduce the following single-cylinder diesel generator construction site attention to inspection matters.
1. The rated voltage of the diesel generator at the construction site must be consistent with the external power line voltage level.
2. The stationary diesel generator set should be installed on the indoor basis and meet the requirements, and should be 0.25~0.30m above the indoor floor. The mobile diesel generator set should be in the horizontal state, placed firmly, and the trailer should be reliably grounded. The front and rear wheels should be Stuck. Diesel generators for outdoor use should be equipped with shelters.
3. The installation of diesel generator sets and their controls, power distribution and repair rooms shall ensure the electrical safety distance and meet the requirements of fire protection; the exhaust pipes shall be extended outdoors and no oil storage tanks shall be stored indoors and near the exhaust pipes.
4. The installation environment of the diesel generator set at the construction site should be close to the load center, with convenient access to and from the line, smooth surrounding roads and avoiding the downwind side of the pollution source and the easily accumulated water.
5. The generator set's power supply must be linked with the external power line power supply. It is forbidden to operate in parallel with the external power line. When two or more sets of generator sets are operated in parallel, the synchronization device must be installed and the generator should be synchronized to supply power to the load.
The above are the five major issues for the inspection of single-cylinder diesel generators on the construction site introduced to the user. When the user uses the diesel generator set, the user needs to check and maintain the unit according to the actual work situation. I hope the above introduction can bring users reference.

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

Pneumatic telescopic mast with power of air source, promote the movement of multicylinder through air compression to lift the mast. Pneumatic telescopic mast industry has experienced a rapid development recently. This mast has been widely used in various fields such as illumination, communication, disaster relief and etc. Due to the features of light loading, general structures, normal maintenance, high security, extreme weather, pneumatic masts have been recognized gradually.

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast

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