Crystal glass foam wall tiles that can float on water

The hardware must be able to adapt to the humid environment of the kitchen, smoke, and many other factors, it is also of great importance for the normal use of cabinets and life.

The hinge that must be tested is the most important thing. Not only does it need to accurately connect the cabinet and the door, but also to bear the weight of the door alone, and must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement. Otherwise, after a period of time, it may be forward and backward, slipping off the shoulder. Among the top quality brands in the world, Heidis, Ferrari, Salice, Blum, Grasse belonged to the first camp. "Hettich poetry" as the world's top brand performance excellence, its steel thickness, high base, long arm, free positioning without displacement, open life of up to 100,000 times.

In the design of the entire drawer, the most important accessory is the slide rail. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the low-quality slide rail feels good even for a short period of time. If the time is slightly longer, it will be difficult to push and pull. Well-known brands of cabinet manufacturers generally use better-quality slides, such as "Häfele", "Hettich", "Spanish track".

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