Curtain franchise chain ranks the top choice for curtain franchise in 2018

As a kind of home furnishing decoration, curtains play a very important role in home furnishing, and they are also receiving a lot of attention in today's franchise market. Many investors will choose a good curtain chain to join, which one to choose in 2018 Is it better to join the curtain brand? Let's take a look at the ranking of curtain chain stores together.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 1, Luo Qi curtains

The curtain brand Luo Qi curtains has a high reputation in the industry. It is a curtain brand under Beijing Huaxia Giant Technology. Its products have a good reputation in consumers' minds, and their family puts forward the concept of artistic curtains, which is epoch-making in the industry. the meaning of. The variety of products and the style of performance are all loved by consumers, leading the fashion trend of domestic curtains.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 2, Auchan curtains

Auchan curtains is a mid-to-high-end curtain brand, and it is also a very well-known presence in the world industry. It has the honorary title of the top ten curtain brands in Europe. Its products include finished curtains, curtain fabrics, bedding, etc. Each product has a variety of Flowers and coordinated colors are favored by consumers.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 3. Paris fabric curtains

Paris Fabric Curtains is a well-known high-end curtain brand, if you are a high-end decoration, you can not miss this decoration. Paris fabric curtain brand products mainly focus on green performance. Whether it is a classic pattern of moss green curtains or small fresh green curtains, the vitality of the indoor space is infinitely expressed, creating a comfortable and elegant visual experience.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 4, Moric curtains

Molek curtains are very unique domestic curtain brands. They have excellent performance in the fabrics, processes, colors and styles of curtain products, especially in the overall product development and design. It is an integrated decorative fabric enterprise with outstanding domestic scale and strength, and has a strong brand advantage.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 5, Milan curtain

The Milan curtain fabric brand from Italy has a good influence on brand culture and product innovation, especially the endless stream of creativity that brings consumers a quality life. It even formed a top product cluster, which established the brand's leading position in the international curtain fabric industry.

Curtain franchise chain ranking 6, Elizabeth curtain

Elizabeth curtain fabric is a British royal brand, not only distinguished and high-end, but also set an important milestone for the development of the entire industry. It has a very high influence on the design and development of curtain fabrics and cultural communication, and is a favorite brand of consumers and franchisees.

Editor's summary: The above is an introduction to the ranking of curtain chain franchise stores in 2018. These curtain brands are very popular investment franchise options. I hope the sharing brought by the editors can give you some reference to choose a suitable curtain chain franchise to join.

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Curtain franchise chain

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