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The beauty of Chinese style lies in simplicity, flexibility, elegance and subtlety. While inheriting classics, it cleverly combines the characteristics of the times, and it is unconsciously attracted to you the first time you see it.

We live in an impetuous and hustle and bustle era. Everyone's definition and yearning for home should be comfortable, free, calm and calm.

It may not have gorgeous colors and complicated decorations, but the deep feelings revealed in the bones allow the soul to go to the depths, just like the fallen leaves return to the roots, and find the belonging of the soul.

The new Chinese style popular nowadays meets the spiritual needs of modern people.

It gets rid of the tedium and dullness of the traditional Chinese style, and uses a simpler modern design language to convey oriental sentiment and space power, as well as the eternal complex of people paying tribute to traditional culture.

People prefer the new Chinese style, not only because it reveals the innate curl of Zen, nor just because it depicts the ideal life of literati and Mok, but because it is not disturbed by fame and fortune, washing the world, returning Life really lives in the realm.

"The water tastes nothing, the ripples become ripples; the stone has no fire, and the strikes become auras." The collision of traditional elements with the passion of modern style is an irresistible taste of life.

Anyone who loves traditional Chinese culture can not refuse the aesthetic charm and elegant style brought by the new Chinese style.

The elegant colors, simple lines, and the space style with rich cultural charm and design sense can add a lot to the modern Chinese home that young people love.

In terms of material selection and decoration, the new Chinese style is also closer to life, and "natural symbols" such as flowers, birds, insect fish, bonsai, and landscape are the most common design elements.

While highlighting the charm of classical aesthetics, it can also be mixed with any style, deducing simple European, rural, retro and other personality tunes, perfectly blending the traditional romantic feelings of the East with the comfort of Western-style life.

The combination of the new Chinese style and black, white and gray seems to be plain and plain, with no highlights, but it cleverly uses the meaning of blank space and fashion elements to create an ink oriental feeling, which brings endless reverie.

When it is combined with bright colors such as classical red, vibrant orange, light purple, etc., it is unique in flavor and temperament. Its unique tension attracts more attention and creates a simple and elegant space atmosphere.

The large-scale log materials, although not gorgeous, are extremely comfortable, which reminds people of the idyllic mood of the Chinese garden.

The new Chinese style is a refinement, enrichment and bold creation of traditional Chinese culture.

It no longer simply uses classical elements as visual symbols, but conveys the spiritual core with the cultural heritage rooted in the bones, abandons tedious decoration and introduces modern characteristics, which is more in line with the aesthetic interests and needs of modern people.

Nowadays, a variety of design styles emerge in endlessly, making people can not help but sigh that "the flowers are gradually becoming charming eyes".

The simple and simple new Chinese style, not only "walking shape" but also "walking heart", is undoubtedly the most desirable state of life for the Chinese people.

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