Energy-saving doors and windows of thermal insulation profiles

Energy-saving doors and windows of thermal insulation profiles

【China Aluminum Industry Network】Insulation profiles, namely, the inner and outer layers are composed of aluminum alloy profiles, and the middle is composed of non-metallic heat insulation materials with low thermal conductivity to form a composite material of “insulation bridge”. The heat insulation profile is applied to the new A generation of aluminum alloy environmental protection energy-saving doors and windows, mainly for the traditional aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity, poor insulation, a single product of this technical key issues, the use of insulated glass insulating glass made of new doors and windows, mainly has the following advantages:

1. Energy-saving and anti-condensation: The K value of the thermal conductivity can reach 3.0 or less, which effectively prevents the heat conduction inside and outside the doors and windows, saves energy by more than 45%, and the indoor surface temperature of doors and windows is close to the room temperature, which reduces the indoor water. Parts of the doors and windows caused by oversaturated condensation.

2, environmental protection, comfort: The use of different thickness of the hollow glass and heat insulation aluminum multi-cavity structure, can effectively reduce the acoustic resonance effect, prevent sound transmission, create a peaceful and comfortable living room environment. At the same time, energy conservation can reduce the use of air-conditioning and heating equipment. In addition, aluminum alloys can be completely recycled and reused, free from pollution, and conducive to environmental protection.

3, watertight, good airtight: new aluminum doors and windows using weatherproof design, so that its wind pressure and airtightness can reach a level, watertight performance for the I-III level.

4, can be decorative properties: the inner surface of the insulation profile using different surface treatment methods, together with different colors, decorate the indoor and outdoor different styles of decorative effects.

Therefore, the thermal insulation of aluminum doors and windows has become more popular nowadays energy-saving environmental protection doors and windows, has been a favorite of many consumers.

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