European and American styles are different in European style decoration skills

In the decoration of the house, European style and American style are very popular decoration styles, because the two styles are similar, so there are many friends who are not very familiar with, European and What is the difference between the American style, and then, the decoration house is a small series, for everyone to introduce, the difference between European and American style , and European style decoration skills.


First, where is the difference between European and American styles?

1. European-style styles include European styles such as Baroque, Rococo and Gothic. Of course, in addition to the decoration that is classified as classical European style, it is derived from neoclassical and simple. European and European pastoral styles can also be summarized as European style. Therefore, even the style is also very special. Although the European style is rich and complex, it can be summarized and generalized.

2. There are many types of American styles, but they have general characteristics, which are mainly comfortable and natural, pure and simple, so we call American styles generally called country style or rural style. The American pastoral style and the American country style are simple and bright in the overall decoration requirements, and the practicality is supreme. The colors are mostly biased towards bright and radiant colors. Because of the temperament of rural areas, the color will also pursue the freshness of nature. So these are all American style features.

3, American style and European style can be said to be the successor of European culture, but has developed two different roads, this inheritance European style is more "orthodox", retaining more gorgeous and refined elements, while the American style is In the simple, natural home design. In short, the European style is generous and luxurious, and the overall style is luxurious and heavy. Even if it is simplified, it tends to be exquisite and beautiful. It has a dignified temperament, while the American home decoration design style is more free, succinct and casual, and more practical and comfortable. The natural roughness has already revealed two different national character and cultural colors.


Second, European style decoration skills

1, European style is generally based on white, light color, but when choosing furniture is white or dark, but to form a series, style uniform. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important. For example, silk fabrics will look more noble.

2, the European-style decoration of the room should use a cumbersome line, looks very heavy frame, can match it, and does not exclude gold, carved and even more grand appearance, on the contrary, this is where the style.

3, the main role of the ground in the European style decoration should be carried out by the carpet. It is best to choose patterns and colors that are relatively light, and the too fancy ground will conflict with the classical European harmony. So when we are decorating, we must pay attention.

What is the difference between European and American styles? What are the European style decoration techniques? Xiaobian is here for everyone. I hope that after reading the above introduction, I will understand the difference between European and American styles. If you want to understand More home improvement information, please continue to pay attention, decoration home network.

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