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Simple bathroom, all have a simple heart. As people attach importance to the bathroom, all kinds of beautiful and delicate bathroom cabinets begin to enter more and more families. Its categorized storage handles the bathroom in an orderly manner, and its stylish style becomes the new visual highlight of the simple bathroom.
Eagle Bathroom PVC Bathroom Cabinet Model: BF-1060
Reference price: 3222 yuan / month

Recommended reason: In addition to the main cabinet, this Hawk bathroom cabinet also has a matching mirror cabinet. A white design, simple and elegant. The sleek washbasin design, coupled with the clear and angular main cabinet, gives a feeling of foreignness inside the interior, which is full of modernity. In general, there is no particularly prominent design, but it is very complex aesthetic needs of modern homes.
Purchase reminder: This bathroom cabinet is made of PVC material, and some consumers have a psychological prejudice against PVC material. In fact, for ordinary family bathroom, PVC material has a good use of performance. In addition to being water-repellent, flame-retardant, and fire-resistant, it can also be used in large quantities to reduce the cost of use. It is also very convenient when installed. Compared to solid bathroom cabinets for the strict requirements of the bathroom must be dry and wet separation, PVC bathroom cabinet is more suitable for ordinary family selection.
Shang Gaojie Bathroom Cabinet Model: Kenny 200
Reference price: 2826 yuan / set

Recommended reason: This bathroom cabinet is a minimalist style with mirrors, cupboards and washbasins, a simple three-piece set. The design is modern and crisp, sophisticated, stable and practical. Bright colors. The bathroom cabinet uses a black and white color classic, with a unique design of the geometric wide mouth basin, more stylish.
Buying reminder: This bathroom cabinet is small and compact, not taking up too much space, is very suitable for small units.
Wrigley PVC bathroom cabinet reference price: 1728 yuan / piece

Recommended reason: the appearance of the use of blue and white with a very fresh and natural. This PVC bathroom cabinet is floor-standing, it is suitable for modern bathroom with dry and wet separation and large space. It is made of aluminum alloy material, height adjustable, and can guarantee the bathroom if the installation floor is uneven. Cabinet installation and level. This bathroom cabinet has a larger storage space, which facilitates the concealment of the supply and drainage pipes. The extended countertop can also store a large amount of toiletries. Such a bathroom cabinet can make the bathroom space cleaner and cleaner.
Buying highlights: The price of this bathroom cabinet has fallen below 2000. Considerate function design, strong storage function, when the high-end products lower the price, it is the best time for consumers to pursue quality of life shot.
Eagle Bathroom PVC Bathroom Cabinet Model: BF-1040
Reference price: 4443 yuan / set

Recommended reason: This bathroom cabinet is a minimalist style with mirrors, cupboards and washbasins, a simple three-piece set. The overall impact of the red and white colors of the bathroom cabinet is vivid. The storage cabinet is suspended in the air and has a unique design. The space that is left vacant can be used to store other objects such as flowers and trash cans. The lockers are long handles and are non-slip handles that are easy to open. The following cabinet adopts a two-layer design and has a large storage space.
Purchase reminder: This bathroom cabinet is small and exquisite, and the storage space is relatively large, very suitable for small-sized bathroom to buy.

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