Explain the importance of forming tools

When the forming tool is used to machine the workpiece, the cutting area is large, the cutting is stable, the coaxiality, the verticality, and the dimensional accuracy are high. The cutting force on the symmetrical cutting edge can be automatically balanced during cutting, so that the front guiding arbor and the rear two cutting edges become the same rotating center. Two sections of support for high aperture accuracy, end face accuracy and high finish. In particular, the stepped hole processing of the adjustable pitch propeller blade (non-ferrous metal) can be processed at one time, and is convenient to operate and has high production efficiency.

The tool consists of the following parts: the grip, the guide bar, the transverse cutting edge, the vertical cutting edge, the cutting edge, and the chamfer cutting edge, which are integral composite files. The angle of the tool varies according to the material of the workpiece. Selecting a reasonable angle can improve the durability and smoothness of the tool.

For the processing of ZQAL12-8-3-2 material, the small front angle and back angle are adopted, the front angle is taken as -10-30, and the toughness band is 0.1-0.2mm, which effectively solves the problem of tool chattering and obtains better. The finish. With the rake angle and the back angle, the truncation shape is different from the profile distortion. The size of the shape of the forming blade is corrected according to the profile of the part, the front angle and the back angle.

The length of the cutting edge is mainly determined according to the length of the part profile, and the end face finishing and chamfering processing are considered. The design of the tool succeeded in solving the problems in the machining of the thruster blade.

Its density is only 091g/cm3, which is the lightest of the common chemical fibers. Therefore, the same weight of polypropylene can obtain higher coverage than other fibers. Strong stretch, polypropylene has high strength, large elongation and excellent elasticity. Therefore, C wear resistance is good. In addition, the wet strength of C is basically equal to Qian Qian, so it is an ideal material for making fishing nets and building ropes.

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