Explosion-proof lighting installation in different forms

Explosion-proof lighting installation in different forms
1) Luminous belt: The lamps are generally installed on the steel cranes to form long luminous belts. The panels are generally made of frosted glass or stained glass.
2) Light-emitting ceiling: generally use combination lamps. There are four types of commonly used mounting arrangements:
1 High Ceiling Arrangement: Place the luminaire above the ceiling and maintain a certain distance from the ceiling surface. This practice creates diffuse light due to the shadowing of the ceiling monolith, making the light appear uniform and soft.
2 embedded type arrangement: The lamp is embedded in the single component, the lamp and the ceiling surface maintain the same level. The effect of lighting is not only related to the form of the luminaire, but also related to the form of the individual components.
8 ceiling arrangement: a group of fluorescent lamps consisting of lamps, fixed under the ceiling. This arrangement has two kinds of determinant and staggered. Because the luminaire is below the ceiling surface, the luminaire can be selected without being limited by the size of the individual components.
4 Hanging arrangement: It can be a hanging type hanging lamp or a slanted hanging lamp. There are many choices and combinations of light sources.
(2) Installation method: Refer to the "ceiling lamp" installation method.
Buyers need to know:
Ordering Note: Before the buyer chooses a product, please read it carefully: product descriptions and product pictures, etc., please confirm with the company.
About the price: The price of all products in this shop can be slightly adjusted according to the customer's process, accessories, order quantity, etc. Please contact your company before placing orders.
About the picture: All product pictures in this shop are taken in kind. Due to the different color difference of each monitor, the color of the product shall prevail in kind.
Lighting installation: lamps belong to electrical products, in order to ensure safety, please install under the guidance of an electrician!
Payment method: In order to provide more security for both parties, the customer will remit the corresponding deposit of the company's account after signing the contract. The balance will be paid in full before delivery and the payment will be collected on behalf of Debon.
Delivery time: Within 2 working days after delivery, there is a 1-3 business day delivery.
Transportation: lamps and lanterns are fragile products, the company's products will be bubble packaging, to ensure product quality in all aspects of consideration, the majority of logistics delivery, the general city can be reached 3-5 days.
Freight commitment: All samples will be shipped by the buyer and the bulk shipping fee will be negotiable!

 The key products are lead containing stabilizers, which is produced in our lead salt factory, we also can supply tributyl citrate, dicumyl peroxide, diethyl sebacate, triphenyl phosphate and so on.

1. Product name:Dicumyl peroxide (DCP)
2. Applications:DCP, as an excellent organic peroxide, is mainly used as the crosslinking agents of PE, EVA resins; the vulcanizing agent of EPDM, natural rubber, nitrile rubber; the initiating agent of polymerization reaction; the curing agent of unsaturated polyester; and the conditioning agent in polypropylene melt index, etc. It is widely used in wires and cable, EPS, shoemaking, fire retardant paint and other industries.
3. Packing, storage, and transportation

(1) The internal packing of this product is PE plastic bags, and the net weight of each bag is 5 kg. The external packing is corrugated paper, and the net weight of each carton is 20 kg.
(2) The storage temperature: below 30 ℃.
(3) In the transportation, the exposure to strong sunlight and rain should be avoided;
(4) Protect it from heat, strong acid, and reducing agents in storage and transportation.

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