Five measures to reduce fertilizer loss

1. Adopt a reasonable farming method. In areas with large slopes, fertilizer runoff is prone to occur. Conservation tillage (no-till or less tillage) should be adopted to reduce soil disturbance, and straw returning can be used to reduce runoff loss. In the plain area where leakage is the main mode of loss of fertilizer, the cultivation can destroy the large pores of the soil, or control the drainage to maintain the soil moisture, and avoid the leakage of large pores caused by the drying of the soil particles.

2. Use reasonable irrigation methods. For the dry farming, advanced irrigation methods such as drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are advocated to minimize flood irrigation; for paddy fields, field water management should be strengthened to minimize farmland water discharge.

3. Adopt a suitable rotation system. A suitable rotation system can increase the utilization rate of fertilizers and reduce the loss. For example, the rotation of legumes and other crops can save the amount of chemical fertilizer; the rotation of deep root crops and shallow root crops can make full use of the nutrients in the soil.

4. Conditional areas can use the field channels, ponds and ditches close to farmland to temporarily accept eutrophic farmland drainage, and reuse it during irrigation to achieve recycling.

5. Between the farmland and the protected water body, a natural ecological system should be used to establish a buffer zone, or a protective belt should be artificially set up on the riverside or lakeside to intercept and filter the nutrients flowing out of the farmland, improve the purification ability of nutrients, and prevent nutrient inflow. Water bodies such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
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