How much is the house decorated 2018 detailed renovation budget list

How much is the house decorated ? This is a problem that many owners are very concerned about. To understand the budget for home improvement budgets, and to run the building materials market in combination with yourself can prevent excessive trickery in the decoration. Different brands of materials will have different quotations, the following Xiao Bian collection of related home improvement budget, hoping to bring you reference.

1, how much money the house is decorated - ground

Strengthen the floor: low-grade 30-70 yuan / square, mid-range price of 80-110 / square, good 120-150 / square, a few hundred or more is the best.

Solid wood flooring: The price of a better brand is around 250, medium 300, and good. It is not recommended to use wood below $200. Poor quality, easy to deform.

Tiles: low-grade 20-80/square, mid-range 80-150/square, high-grade 160-280/square, very good 400 or more.

2. How much is your house decorated? - Kitchen renovation

Cabinet: Generally about 2000-8000 yuan, of course, your million or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the house, brand, configuration to decide.

Smoke machine: Chinese is cheaper, mainly to see the brand.

Kitchen hardware: with a variety of pull blue, pendants, etc., generally 300-2000 yuan.

3, how much money the house decoration - bathroom

Toilets: low-grade 200-600 yuan, mid-range 700-2000 yuan, high-end 2000-5000 yuan, good tens of thousands.

Shower room: Simple 700-2500 yuan, with hardware features 1500-6000 yuan.

Basin: pedestal basin 100-600 yuan. Do it yourself 500-1200 yuan. Complete sets of 500-4000 yuan / sets.

Bathroom accessories: generally 200-800/yuan (without mirror), you don't need these if you choose a complete set of basins.

Faucet: A cheap one is calculated as an average of 60-120 yuan, and the European faucet is calculated as an average of 800-1500 yuan.

4, how much money the house is decorated - categories

Original wooden door: 3000-10000 yuan / fan

Solid wood door: 1000-2000/fan

Process door, molded door: 450-800 yuan / fan

Solid wood composite door: 700-1000 yuan / fan

Hardware (door locks, hinges, door suction): low-grade 25-50 yuan, mid-range of 60-150 yuan, high-end 150-500 yuan.

5, how much money the house decoration - cabinet ceiling

Plastic steel plate: 30-70 yuan / square

Aluminum buckle board: 50-150 yuan / square

Moisture-proof gypsum board: 35-60 yuan / square

Installation fee and internal angle: 300-1000 yuan

6, how much money the house decoration - switch electrical appliances

Type 86: low-grade 20-40 yuan / square, mid-range 40-150 yuan / square, high-grade 150 - -500 yuan / square.

7, how much money the house decoration - the main material other miscellaneous items

Stone: Bay window, threshold stone. Cheap 70-120 yuan / square, in the block of 120-300 yuan / square, expensive 300-1000 yuan / square.

Door cover, window cover: Entry door cover is to be packaged, the other is not necessarily, usually 45-100 yuan / meter.

Latex paint is the cheapest 3 yuan / square, expensive tens of yuan per square, and some artistic paint 300 / square.

Wardrobe: outside the custom-made non-solid wood cabinet door generally 350-750 yuan / square, home to do the price is 450-900 yuan / square, outside the real solid wood door price is 400-1000 yuan / square, home to do general 700-1200 Yuan/square, the general 300-3000 yuan that buys the finished product directly.

Conclusion: The above is for everyone to introduce the relevant content of how much the house decoration , and hope to help prepare friends for the renovation. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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