How to apply fixed quota for lightning protection of steel windows and aluminum alloy windows

[china aluminum industry network] steel window or aluminum alloy window in order to prevent side impact lightning installation ground can apply 2-1224 "ground jumper installation" rating sub-head, windows and pressure equalizing ring can be used to connect "ground cross-connection installation" In the "1" and "ground jumper installation" rating, the rating material for each "1" installation has contained 0.459 kg of galvanized flat steel, so the vertical part of the steel window, aluminum alloy window and pressure equalizing ring connection. Generally, it cannot be counted separately. If it exceeds the quota content, this part can be included in the "installation of lightning protection network" quota.

PVC Edge is the material that protects, decorates, beautifies to the section of furniture plank material, it can make a furniture show the integral effect that wood grain is clear, colour profusion.PVC Edge has many advantages,it`s very light,it is made of plastic, which is easy to process.In addition to this,PVC Edge is of high quality and low price.

The main function of the PVC Edge is a section of sheet enclosed, from environmental and use of adverse factors in the process of damage to the plate and block plank interior formaldehyde volatilizes, at the same time to achieve the effect of beautiful decoration.Luli Group Co,. LTD can produce large quantities of high quality PVC Edge every year and export them to many countries.

The details of PVC Edge


2.Wood grain:new style

3.Surface:polished,matt finish


pvc edge

PVC Edge

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