How to decorate the old house process? Precautions for the renovation of old houses

Nowadays, many people will choose to buy second-hand houses when the room is high. The second-hand house is old and needs to be renovated. How to decorate the old house has more demolition than the new house, which is how we decorate the old house. In the renovation of the old house, there are a lot of troubles, then how to transform the old house? Let's take a look at how to decorate the old house and decoration.


One of the precautions for how to decorate an old house: thoroughly disinfect the house before starting the renovation.

How to decorate an old house has an important step, which is to thoroughly disinfect. The owner can spray with 3% of Sushui, 1% to 3% of bleached water or 3% of peracetic acid solution. Close the doors and windows for 1 hour after completion. This will reduce the infection of bacteria in future life.

How to renovate the old house Note 2: Unreasonable change of house structure is not desirable

Old houses have more or less problems such as small size, unreasonable function distribution, and unreasonable lighting. Unlike the current popular frame structure, the old houses are mostly brick-concrete structures. The wall of the brick-concrete structure is firstly load-bearing and earthquake-resistant.

The component, secondly the enclosure member. When the transformation is carried out, if the load-bearing wall is broken in order to expand the space, the bearing capacity and seismic resistance of the wall member will be weakened, leaving a serious safety hazard.

How to decorate the old house Note 3: Renovation of doors and windows is a must

Door and window aging is a common problem in old houses. However, in general, if the wooden doors and windows are peeled and deformed, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed, so it is necessary to replace the new ones. Steel doors and windows should be observed on the surface of the paint film, the main body is rusted or cracked, and it is best to replace it.

How to renovate the old house Note 4: repair the water circuit

In the renovation of old houses, the original water pipelines often have unreasonable layout. Then, the original waterway and circuit must be thoroughly inspected during the decoration, mainly pay attention to the corrosion and aging of the line pipe. Some of the materials that have been eliminated, such as galvanized pipes, must be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes.

How to renovate the old house Note 5: Repair the wall ceiling

When doing the renovation of the old house, the owner should ask the home improvement designer to conduct a site survey of the house. If obvious cracks, detachment or sanding are seen on walls, floors, ceilings, etc., repairs should be carried out. After the repair, a primer is applied to cover, even if the base layer is more firm, and the base layer is prevented from being alkaline or damp, and then the scaled emulsion paint is used for finishing.

Old house renovation steps process:

Foundation engineering construction: old house wall surface treatment, apartment type renovation, door and window replacement, balcony insulation, etc.

After the renovation of the old house and the concealed project, the next step is to carry out the basic engineering, including the masonry project, the hydropower installation project, the muddy water project, the woodwork project, the paint project and the water and electricity installation project. The decoration owners need to buy the auxiliary materials and main materials needed for the decoration, so that the decoration works can be carried out smoothly.

Before the renovation project begins, the decoration owner needs to determine the building materials listed by the cabinet and the foreman. Before the cabinet is installed, the cabinet manufacturer needs to come to the door three times, once before the initial measurement of the ceramic tile, and secondly after the installation of the tile. Finally, the installation; before the renovation, the foreman will list the building materials to be purchased before the start of construction, such as pipes, wires, waterproof coatings, hooking agents, etc.


Today I read a lot of information about the renovation of old houses. Everyone has a more detailed understanding of this aspect. If the home needs to be renovated, you may wish to check more information about this. The above detailed explanation of the process of the renovation of the old house will be shared with you here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the home of the decoration.

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