How to do the bathroom seepage

Water seepage in the bathroom is the most unfavorable bathroom decoration problem for thousands of households. It just doesn't move. One move is to dig a wall and knock on the floor tiles, which costs a lot. So, what should I do if the bathroom seeps ? Why does the bathroom seep? Below, please follow the editor to see what happens to the bathroom !

1. What to do if the toilet seeps

1. Determine the cause of water leakage

The water seepage in the bathroom must first be judged to be a problem with waterproofing, but the problem with the water pipe; therefore, we have to conduct a water closure experiment. When the water is closed, put the water in the bathroom to a height of 3 cm; after a period of time, the water accumulation has not decreased, and if the ceiling downstairs are all normal, it can be explained that there is no problem with the waterproof layer. The source of the problem may be the water pipe. On the contrary, if the water level drops, it may be a problem with the waterproof layer.

2. How to solve the water leakage of the waterproof layer

If there is a problem with the waterproof layer, first of all, the floor tiles at the water seepage point should be lifted to find the waterproof layer. After cleaning the waterproof layer, you can seal it with the water stop strip; after sealing, apply waterproof coating, remember to brush it several times; after waterproofing, you can re-lay the floor tiles.

3. How to solve the water pipe leakage

If the water pipe is leaking, first cut the ceramic tile and waterproof layer, check the location of the leak, and find the leaking water pipe joint. After the joint is confirmed, we need to re-docking; before connecting, we can wind more raw material tape at the interface; after the docking, we can use cement mortar to smooth the ground; and finally lay the floor tiles.

2. Reasons for water seepage in the bathroom

1. The problem of ground tile gaps

Many households have water seepage, which is caused by the gap between the ground tiles; if it is not strict, it will seep after long-term use. Because, under the tile gap is the sewer, I thought it would be unscrupulous with waterproofing, and the result was this small gap.

2. There is a problem with the toilet water inlet connector

As we all know, the joints of the bathroom are underground, and the water leakage may occur at the moment of water discharge; the water slowly extends through the cement mortar layer to the interior of the wall, which is why the wall of the baseboard sometimes becomes moldy One of the reasons.

3. There is a gap between the floor drain and the sewage pipe

Water stains on the bathroom floor are discharged through the floor drain. But sometimes, many people are very casual when decorating the bathroom, the interface of the floor drain and the sewage pipe is not accurate, and it is not matched, resulting in poor connection of the water pipe. If used in this way for a long time, it will lead to water seepage.

The article summarizes: how to do the toilet water seepage and the related content of the toilet water seepage, the editor will introduce here first. Most of the causes of water seepage are the carelessness of early construction. When you are renovating in the early stage, you must be careful and careful so that you can live comfortably once and for all!

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