How to prevent red grape disease in summer

1. Qingyuan: If there is a disease in the vineyard, there will be more rain at this time. It is necessary to clear the garden at any time, and remove the sick leaves, diseased branches and diseased fruits in the garden, and bury them or burn them. At the same time, timely remove the weeds in the garden. When cutting off diseased branches and diseased fruits, always clean the scissors and disinfect them to prevent cross infection.
2, loose soil: summer, autumn rainy season, especially after heavy rain, heavy rain, the rain will make the vineyard land surface, the soil is poorly ventilated, resulting in grape roots lack of oxygen, weakened trees, reduced stress resistance, and thus susceptible to disease. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate the soil deeper in time before the rain or during the rain stop to improve the permeability of the garden.
3, treatment: rainy or continuous high temperature and humidity, the grape is most susceptible to disease, should be observed once a day in the vineyard, see the initial onset, immediately symptomatic spray. If it is downy mildew, if you see an individual in the garden, even if it is found on a grape, immediately spray it.
4, clear tip: to pick the grapes in time, and wipe off the secondary tips in time. At the same time, it is necessary to remove a part of the plants with too many new shoots, which is beneficial to ventilation and light transmission, and improves the resistance to stress.
5, fertilization: too much rain, often cause loss of orchard fertility, resulting in weakened trees and reduced self-resistance. Therefore, in the rainy season, fertilization should be carried out according to the loss of soil fertility and the growth of the grapes. Fertilization should be based on the principle of “less meals and more meals”, and the fertilizer should be applied less frequently and the application of roots should be carried out in combination with spraying. It is best to spray high-efficiency fruit foliar fertilizer separately.

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