How to remove labels and impurities on PET bottles

Generally, the label paper and contaminants on the PET bottle are cleaned. Most people still use industrial sodium hydroxide (also known as nitrate or korea).

The advantages are that it is effective, fast, and low in cost, but it also has disadvantages that can cause pollution.

If the cleaning is not clean enough, it should be a problem of sodium hydroxide concentration. Generally, it is possible to clean the chemical barrel with sodium hydroxide, and even the aluminum mold can be washed away. And we need to pay attention: before cleaning, you must first open the alkaline water, then put the plastic. Put a mixer in the pool during the cleaning process, so that the cleaning is more thorough. After cleaning, the PET is blown with a fan to blow the paper clean. If there is a problem, the moisture of the PET may not be dry, or the alkali water concentration is not adjusted.

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