Intentional spraying of pesticides in winter should be cautious

The winter temperature is low, and the activities and hazards of pests and diseases are mostly in a hidden and static state. In the winter, the application of chemical pesticides , in addition to the choice of pesticides on the road, but also in the winter spray pesticides need to increase the number of things to note. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions for spraying pesticides in winter.

Precautions for spraying pesticides in winter

One is to choose the medicine for sunny days and high temperature. Because the pests in the winter when the temperature is high, their feeding and breathing intensity is greater than the cold weather, the liquid is sprayed onto the worm body, and the drugs are brought into the body, which is beneficial to play the poisoning effect.

The second is to increase the dose appropriately. The pesticide lethal dose of pests is not constant. The lower the temperature at normal temperature, the lower the lethal dose of pests, so it is necessary to increase the dosage in the winter, and it is possible to prevent death after eating pests. Peasant friends can determine the dosage according to the temperature, but generally does not exceed 50% of the regular dose. When applying pesticides in winter, water should be added strictly according to the dilution factor. Do not increase or decrease the amount of water.

The third is to rationally select pesticides suitable for winter application. In general, stomach poisons and contact agents are less affected by temperature, and systemic and fumigants are more affected by temperature. Such as enemy killing, dichlorvos, methamidophos and Other low temperatures will significantly affect the insecticidal effect. And pesticides such as deltamethrin, phoxim, and stone sulphur mixture can still exert better insecticidal effects when applied at lower temperatures.

In the winter low temperature season, the herbicide is used, and the effect of displaying the effect is much longer than that of the high temperature time. Therefore, it is necessary to wait patiently after the medicine is used, as long as the liquid medicine is sprayed into place, generally no need to re-spray.

Fourth, priority should be given to the use of soil pesticides. The price of soil pesticides is low, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause phytotoxicity. However, the fruit trees have strong resistance to pesticides during the dormant period in winter, and it is economical and effective to control pests with pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture and stone sulfur mixture.

Fifth, we must extend the safety interval of crops. When pesticides are applied in winter, the degradation rate of pesticides becomes slower, and the residual period of pesticides in crops is relatively prolonged. When controlling pests and diseases of vegetable crops in winter, special attention should be paid to prolonging the safety interval of pesticides to ensure human health.

Six should pay attention to the diluted solution of water in the barrel. A small package of "medicine primer" or "vegetable oil" agent 15 grams, or acidic "washing powder" 10 grams can be added as an adhesive. However, it cannot be used when applied to vegetables.

The above article is about the details of the need to increase the spraying of pesticides in winter and the precautions for spraying pesticides in winter. Thank you for your inspection and support. If you don't understand the spraying of pesticides in winter, you can also pay more attention to the hot agricultural net. The hot agricultural network will update a large number of agricultural technologies every day.

More pesticide knowledge, please pay attention to China Pesticide Network

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