International copper prices continue to rise

Scrap copper recycling one hour price of white electricity companies involved cost pressure

Data from the Shanghai Futures Exchange recently opened higher and higher. The main 1105 contract closed at 74,740 yuan/ton, which was 640 yuan/ton higher than the previous trading day. This price was more than 20,000 yuan/ton higher than a year ago. The London Metal Exchange (LME) copper price is about to swallow last week's drop and re-enter the 9900~10000 US dollar high adjustment area.

The continuous rise in international copper prices has brought certain influence to many industries, especially white-goods manufacturers. Refrigerator switch manufacturers and copper processing plants were paralyzed because profits were shrinking; the owners of waste recycling bins were happy because they sold more scrap copper and made it easier to make money.

Waste recycling: one hour for one price

Recently, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beigan Street, Xiaoshan District, discovered at the gate of her own community that the hawkers who had recently collected waste goods had a much better attitude than before. One day I could see two or three dials in the community, and the underground garage was full of high prices to buy scrap copper and scrap iron. brand.

As long as there is goods, we immediately come to the door, good things can be properly increased. Xiao Xing, a master of the waste recycling station, told reporters yesterday that the scrap copper recycling price was 28 yuan/kg. In the first two years of the global financial crisis, the recycling price per kilogram of copper was only 10 yuan. In December of last year, it was 24 yuan per catty. In January this year, it reached the highest value of 31 yuan. Master Xing said that up to one or two hundred pounds can be collected in one day.

Scrap copper recovery prices change every hour. Mr. Ye of Hangzhou Shuangsheng Materials Recycling Company told the reporter that every day traveling around in various communities and units, even if a piece of copper wire also let him pay attention. At the same time, he also pays close attention to the company's fixed-point text messages sent to salesmen. It is based on the trend of the broader market for copper, issued once every hour. For example, at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the recycling price of bright copper wire is 29 yuan / kg, the price of copper plate is 28 yuan / kg, the price is more expensive than 0.1 yuan / kg an hour ago.

A number of resource recovery companies have gathered on Shaoxing Road and Airport Road in Hangzhou. The person in charge of an acquisition site of Hangzhou Hengtong Materials Recycling Co., Ltd. told reporters that the amount of repurchasing is nearly double that of six months ago, but those who grab business are also More, for large long-term customers, they will pay a deposit in advance, on-site service at any time.

Big copper: price hedging hedge price increase

Copper accounts for nearly 70% of the cost of wire and cable, and accounts for more than 25% of construction electrical appliances. The large fluctuations in copper prices have made related companies a bit passive. The rise of raw materials directly drives the cost, and the direct increase in the price of copper is the company's profits. Wang Micheng, president of Hongyan Electric, said.

Wang Micheng calculated for the reporter: Since the beginning of last year, the price of raw material copper has increased by about 40% year-on-year, and this has increased the cost of cables by nearly 30%, because the cable is very sensitive to raw material prices. The price has been increased by about 25% year-on-year in order to ease cost pressures.

In the case of switchgear, the increase in raw material copper costs is about 10%. In view of market competition, it cannot rely solely on price increases. While raising the price by 5 percentage points, the reduction in labor costs through automation can hedge the impact of 3 percentage points. The digestion of the other two points can only be achieved through sales promotion.

The main material of the cable and evaporator in the refrigerator is copper, which accounts for about 12% of the cost. The relevant person in charge of the Huari Refrigerator told reporters that brass has risen by 30% from last year to now. Considering that the market is fully competitive, nobody wants to jump out of price. In order to absorb the cost, they dig through the internal pressure on the one hand, on the other hand, vigorously develop middle-to-high end products and increase the added value of products. In terms of alternative raw materials, some cables of some economic refrigerators can be replaced with aluminum.

Wang Micheng judged that the copper price rose in the second quarter with a relatively high probability. To this end, on the one hand, they establish a strategic cooperation relationship with the upstream buyers, lock prices in advance in the procurement contract, and on the other hand use financial instruments for futures hedging.

Bronco camp: currently beginning to differentiate

Under the background of the continuous rise in the price of copper in recent years, there have been some beryllium copper investors in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong. They also stock nickel, antimony and other non-ferrous metals to sell in the future when the asset price rises. However, with the adjustment of credit policy, changes in copper prices, and the withdrawal of previous profits, the camp has undergone some changes.

Now we basically do not pick up the goods, but only guarantee the amount of processing. Wang Xiaohua, deputy general manager of sales of Zhejiang Blue Jays Communications Group Co., Ltd., and his colleagues are always watching the changes in copper prices. They have been operating copper for nearly 20 years and they feel that the pressure is really great now. What they do is rough processing of copper, which is in electrolytic copper, first processed into copper or copper, and sold to downstream manufacturers. The monthly processing volume is more than 1,000 tons. With such a high price, the downstream manufacturers are a bit too much to buy, and they do not dare to meet the high demand. We can only set production according to sales. This situation is somewhat inconspicuous.

Compared with Wang Xiaohua’s caution, Mr. Jin, owner of the Taizhou Hardware Factory, is still optimistic. In 2006, when the madest copper price reached 83,000 yuan/ton, it is still halfway up the mountain. Mr. Jin began to scoop copper in the first two years and he went all the way to make a few shots. He had made some money back a few years ago.

The situation of a large number of bronzers in Wenzhou enterprises has been rare. Zhou Dewen, president of the Wenzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Association, said that in the past, when the price of copper was low, some manufacturers would buy it at a low point, but now the cost of funding the goods is too high.

In an interview, the reporter learned that there are many cases of copper speculation in Wenzhou, Zhuji, Yiwu and other places in Zhejiang. In the case of the whole country, there are even more cases of copper in Zhejiang, Hebei, and Guangdong. Even in areas such as Zhejiang where funds are abundant, only some companies or individual investors of Bengbu are involved. Generally speaking, the proportion of companies participating in BCC speculation is not large. A related person from a large copper company in Zhejiang told reporters.

Copper prices rose in the second quarter

After entering the traditional manufacturing season in the second quarter, copper consumption in the northern hemisphere, especially in the Chinese market, is worth looking forward to. The copper price is in the early stage of seasonal increase and is expected to hit a new high in the following months.

When the LME copper price fluctuates at a high level, Shanghai's copper prices have continued to rise, indicating that Shanghai copper has accelerated its pace. According to the current copper price of 10,000 US dollars / ton, when the price ratio rises from the current 7.6 to 7.76, the domestic copper price will have 1600 yuan / ton of compensatory growth. This also means that in the next two or three months, the increase in domestic copper prices will exceed the price of external copper.

At present, the northern hemisphere still has not entered the peak season for manufacturing. However, as the temperature in the northern hemisphere warms up, the conditions for copper downstream processing companies will improve, and the amount of copper used in the entire market will increase significantly.

In the long run, demand is always the key factor. Taking copper as an example, its downstream large household is the power industry, and it is from the State Grid Corporation of China that China's power demand will show a recovery growth this year. In addition, the consumption boom of automobiles and household appliances will also heat up, which will affect the trend of copper prices.


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