Introduction to the hardness requirements of grey iron castings for motor vehicles

Gray iron castings are general engineering gray iron castings that are mainly used for tensile strength. The castings are graded according to the tensile strength of different casting bars. Gray cast iron castings for motor vehicles are gray cast iron castings suitable for use in sand casting, used in automobiles, tractors and related industries. What are the requirements for the hardness of gray cast iron castings for motor vehicles? Below, Xiaobian gives you a detailed description of the hardness requirements and specific instructions for gray cast iron castings for motor vehicles.

The order contract shall include the following terms:

* Whether special heat treatment is required.

* The surface on which the hardness test is performed.

* The required surface hardening depth and surface hardness.

Hardness requirements for grey cast iron castings for motor vehicles:

The foundry shall adopt the necessary control and inspection techniques to ensure that the casting meets the specified hardness range. Brinell hardness is tested according to ASTM E10 test method after the surface of the casting has been removed with sufficient thickness to ensure representativeness of the hardness reading. Unless otherwise agreed, 10 mm steel balls and 3000 kg load shall be used. The area of ​​hardness measured on the casting and its location shall be agreed between the supplier and the buyer and marked on the drawing.

Gray iron grade, hardness range, 10 mm steel ball, 3000 kg test force to obtain the number of millimeters of Brinell indentation diameter (BID) and metallurgy are as follows:


Hardness range of castings and diameter of Brinell indentation







HB187 largest

4.4BID minimum or by agreement


4.6—4.0BID or by agreement


4.4-3.9BID or by agreement


4.2—3.8 BID or by agreement


4.1—3.7BID or by agreement

Ferrite - pearlite

Pearlite - ferrite



The grades and hardness requirements for the brake hub and clutch friction plate under heavy load are as follows:


Carbon, minimum %

Casting hardness and indentation diameter







HB170-229 4.6-4.0BID or by agreement

HB207-255 4.2-3.8BID or by agreement

HB207-255 4.2-3.8BID or by agreement

Note: Alloy grey iron motor camshaft grade is G4000d, casting hardness - according to the agreement between the supplier and the buyer, the hardness measured on the support surface is 241-2321HB.

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