Introduction to the method of renovation of wall stone

Most of the stone decoration places are the ground and the wall surface. The maintenance of the ground stone is relatively easy. Only the stone refurbished machine or the mirror processing machine can restore the luster of the stone. However, the wall stone is more difficult. Because the position problem is not easy to do stone conservation, then how to maintain the wall stone?

Wall stone needs more time and effort to make delicate maintenance. It is not like the ground can be polished with large stone renovation equipment, so only the portable polishing machine is used.

Generally, it is processed according to the different requirements of customers. Since the wall surface is not like the ground, there are many scratches caused by artificial stepping. In this case, the wall stone can be selected for waxing. Although waxing is a feasible measure, it belongs to Physical coverage will block the pores of the stone surface and be airtight and prone to lesions. Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty of the wall stone for a long time, it is necessary to pass the same process as the ground, such as jointing, rubberizing, grinding, and crystal surface treatment.

As a result, the construction workers will encounter difficulties. When the ordinary grinding disc is polished, the scratches are very difficult to repair, which will consume a lot of time and the effect may not be ideal. There is a solution. Generally, we will use the dry stone grinding plate to dry the wall surface, so that the grinding piece will not heat when it is polished, and the effect is also ideal. At the same time, we can also use sandpaper when grinding marble columns, walls and corners. This will not cause deep scratches when grinding the grinding discs, so it is easy to repair and the effect is very good.

Basic organic chemical raw materials:Calcium cyanamide, Dicyandiamide, Guanidine nitrate etc.

It is used for the manufacture of guanidine nitrate and sulfonamides in medicine. It is also used to produce thiourea, nitrocellulose stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, steel surface hardening agent, artificial leather filler, Adhesive and so on. The drug intermediate 5- aza cytosine can be obtained by the reaction of dicyandiamide with formic acid.As a raw material for guanidine and cyanogen two amines.

Organic Chemical Material

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