Is the multifunctional shoe cabinet easy to use? Six considerations for the design of the porch shoe cabinet

When renovating a new house, it is necessary to design a shoe cabinet at Xuanguang, so that it is convenient to change shoes in and out of the door and provide greater convenience for life. Nowadays, many people will install multi-function shoe cabinets at home, which is not only more convenient for daily use, but also increases the indoor warmth effect. Today I would like to introduce to you whether the multifunctional shoe cabinet is easy to use and the six precautions for the design of the entrance shoe cabinet.

Is the multifunctional shoe cabinet easy to use

1. The so-called multifunctional shoe cabinets generally have the functions of deodorization, disinfection, and drying, which can provide a clearer environment for the interior and bring more convenient home conditions to the users.

2. When we travel around for a long time, the soles of our feet will inevitably secrete a lot of sweat, which is easy to cause a large number of microorganisms to multiply, and the multifunctional shoe cabinet uses ozone and ultraviolet flood drying technology, which can effectively kill various microorganisms. Give people a healthier experience.

3. The two biggest features of the multifunctional shoe cabinet are high efficiency and practicality, so they are chosen by the masses. Moreover, as far as the current domestic market is concerned, there is no investment in multifunctional shoe cabinets, but it is conceivable that its price will definitely be more expensive than ordinary shoe cabinets, and the market competitiveness will be relatively high.

Six considerations for the design of the entrance shoe cabinet

1. The shoe cabinet we designed must have high and low floors so that it can be more convenient to use. Today, most women's shoes are high boots, and only the bottom shoe cabinet can't be put down.

2. The shoe cabinet should be designed larger. Although the time goes by, the family's shoes must be more and more, so there must be enough space to store the family's shoes.

3. If the location of the entrance is relatively small, when we design the shoe cabinet, we need to coordinate the size of the shoe cabinet with it, so that the shoe cabinet becomes a storage place for commonly used shoes. Of course, you need to design another cabinet to store the shoes for the season.

4. Everyone should understand that if the shoes are stored in an unventilated place, after a long time, they will emit an unpleasant odor, so the door of the shoe cabinet needs to be designed as a louver door, and a camphor ball is placed in the shoe cabinet , Which can improve the air in the shoe cabinet.

5. If the area of ​​the house is small and the area of ​​the entrance is not large, you can design an embedded shoe cabinet at the entrance so that it does not occupy too much space.

6. In addition, in order to use the shoe cabinet more conveniently in a narrow entrance, the door of the shoe cabinet can be designed as a sliding door, which is also more convenient to use.

Editor's remarks: After reading the multifunctional shoe cabinet is easy to use, and the six main considerations of the entrance shoe cabinet design, you have learned a lot. When we design the shoe cabinet at the entrance, we must consider the size of the entrance, and we must design the cabinets at high and low floors, so as to be more in line with modern use.

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