Kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration, do not sacrifice longevity due to personality

When a house is handed out and a new home is planned for itself, many people want to make it full of personality and characteristics. Some decoration with the big stream will be abandoned, such as how to paint the bathroom? Is the kitchen not ceiling? It is recommended that the pursuit of personality can be understood, but consumers must also consider cleaning and durability.

1 top surface is not suspended

With the rise of the industrial wind, many owners who pursue individuality said that they do not want to install the ceiling, and directly expose the pipeline, and do not have a postmodern feeling. Can the kitchen space not be suspended?

Expert opinion: Ni Jian, the design director of Tang Yunxuan's Chinese design agency, said that it is feasible for the kitchen and bathroom space not to be suspended. Many of the relocated houses, even the kitchen and bathroom when we were young, did not have ceilings. If you pursue individuality, you can paint a little color directly on the top surface or the pipe, which can also create a more fashionable feeling. The reporter learned that there are some villa kitchens that use wooden boards or grilles directly, but they also have their own style.

However, the existence of the kitchen ceiling is mainly to cover the flue, water and electricity, gas pipelines, but also to be aesthetic and easy to clean. If it is not suspended, the pipeline will be messy and it will not look good. Secondly, the oily smoke is unsanitary and not clean.

Senior engineering expert Sun Peidu said that although it is not beautiful enough, the kitchen is not good for ceilings. If there is a problem with the circuit (non-light head or switch problem), if there is a ceiling, the entire ceiling must be removed, and it is relatively troublesome to inspect and repair the line. Therefore, if the top surface of the kitchen is not painted with white paint, choose a high-power range hood, and now the exhaust of the gas water heater is directly discharged to the window. In fact, the effect of the oil-smoke water vapor on the top is not great, it is not beautiful.

2 waterproof gypsum board ceiling

The kitchen and bathroom can't be suspended, so I really don't like the aluminum gusset plate. Can I use the waterproof plasterboard ceiling?

Expert opinion: Waterproof gypsum board has its advantages. According to Ni Jian, the use of waterproof gypsum board ceilings is indeed much stronger than the aluminum gusset ceilings in terms of visual and grade. It can also be used for styling and can achieve the high level of kitchen and bathroom. Sun Peidu introduced that some high-end people install fresh air system and surround sound in the bathroom. Due to the thick piping and unsightly wiring, you can use the waterproof gypsum board ceiling to hide and do some downlights to achieve a very artistic effect.

However, the designer also pointed out that for a long time, the fume will form adhesion on the surface of the ceiling; and the white color of the plasterboard is easily discolored and dirty; in addition, the gypsum board is not as easy to disassemble as the aluminum gusset, if the line and water pipe in the ceiling Need to repair, gypsum board ceiling is not so convenient. Sun Peidu said that young people have ideas and want to understand the personality, but the waterproof gypsum board is not only inconvenient to clean for a long time, and the durability under normal conditions is much worse than that of the aluminum gusset. “The colored paint on the top of the brush looks good again, and it will not look good after three or four years.” It seems that the owners still have to weigh the pros and cons. Jinghua Times reporter Cheng Jianlan

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