Latex paint construction process and focus

1, the construction process

Sweep grassroots → Fill the putty, partially scrape the putty, grind the surface → The first pass fills the putty, grind the surface → The second pass puts the putty, grinds the surface → Brushes the sealing primer → Brushes the first time paint → Recovers the putty , Grinding → Brushing the second time paint → Polishing live.

2, construction points

Grass-roots treatment is the key to ensure the construction quality. Among them, ensuring that the wall is completely dry is the most basic condition. Generally, it should be placed for more than 10 days. The walls must be flat and at least scraped twice to meet the standard requirements.

The method of applying the latex paint may use hand brush, roller coating and spray coating. Brushing should be done continuously and quickly, once brushing.

When applying latex paint, it should be uniform and there should be no phenomenon such as brushing or flow. Brush it again and polish it again. Generally should be more than two times.

3, matters needing attention

(1) The putty should be matched with the performance of the paint, solid and firm, and must not be powdered, peeled or cracked. Use water-resistant putty in damp places such as bathrooms.

(2) The coating solution should be thoroughly mixed, the viscosity is too large to be properly added, and the viscosity can be increased by adding a thickener.

(3) The construction temperature is higher than 10 degrees Celsius. Indoors cannot have a lot of dust. It is best to avoid rainy days.

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