LCD monitor usher in rapid development

LCD monitor usher in rapid development In the 21st century, with the rapid development of the social economy, the demand for monitors has grown rapidly, and the demand for monitors has grown so much that every manufacturer wants to eat this piece of cake. In China, a wide variety of monitors flood the security monitoring market. . With the maturity of LCD technology and the continuous decline in cost, LCD monitors have entered the market. After two years of rapid development, how is the market developing? What will happen to the future development?

The LCD Monitor Enters the Full HD Era With the rapid development of social economy, people's demand for security has been increasing, and public social security has also received more and more attention. In particular, security video surveillance systems, as an effective means of security protection, are increasingly receiving widespread attention from all walks of life. A complete video surveillance system consists of three components: the front-end acquisition device (camera), transmission storage device (DVR), and terminal display device (monitor). To achieve full HD monitoring, the entire system must Achieve consistent full HD.

At the same time, along with the rapid development of computer, network and image processing and transmission technologies in recent years in China, it provides a strong foundation and preparation for the high-definition intelligentization of the entire video surveillance system.

Some high-definition products have emerged in front-end devices and transmission storage devices, such as millions of high-definition cameras or high-definition DVRs, but these products are not truly "full HD 1080P" products, and they are not very mature and complete, only the back-end. The display device has reached 1080P HD.

At present, the rear-end display products in video surveillance include CRT monitors, PDP plasma monitors, and LCD liquid crystal monitors. The LCD monitor is recognized as the product that is most suitable for use in the field of security as a professional surveillance terminal. It has a longer service life. The average lifespan of ordinary LCD monitors can reach more than 50,000 hours. The resolution can easily achieve standard HD (720P) or even full 1080p HD, power and heat. It is also relatively small. "The electronic market has always been a rapidly developing industry. New technologies are bound to promote the upgrading of the security industry.

As far as the monitor is concerned, the LCD monitor is already a full-HD LCD mature product. On the one hand, it takes into account the traditional application and retains the BNC interface. On the other hand, the product comes standard with HDMI and DVI interfaces. It supports 1080P by relying on the powerful functions of the super-processing chip. HD video. HD, smart is the development direction of the entire monitoring system in the future. For the back-end monitoring system, the new trend of LCD LCD monitors is: Full HD display technology is one of them, there is also frame frequency multiplication technology of video data, intelligent computing technology. IPS hard screen display full-view technology.

Full HD is an inevitable trend for the overall development of the security industry including the LCD monitor market. At present, Benson’s large-size LCD monitors and LCD splicing screens can support full-HD displays, leading the entire video surveillance industry to the full HD era.

High-definition display equipment market trends in the future After several years of development, intelligent high-definition has become the mainstream of the development of video surveillance display industry to support 1080P full HD displays, is becoming the goal of the major monitor manufacturers to pursue, and become the first choice for many users. With the development of high-definition monitoring technology, users will have higher and higher requirements for monitors. Therefore, high-definition display devices must keep up with the development trend of the entire high-definition surveillance market, continue to innovate, and continuously improve performance in order to meet the growing demand for high-definition monitoring.

HD and smart are the future development direction of the entire video surveillance system. For the rear-end display devices, the technology development trend of LCD monitors is: low power consumption, environmental protection, energy saving, ultra-thin, high contrast, multi-functionality, low cost, and no flicker. Full HD display, smooth screen, wide viewing angle. Video frame interpolation frequency multiplication technology, video processing, intelligent computing technology, IPS hard-screen display full-view technology, and even Android technology, will all be reflected in the square inch. In the future, multi-functional and multi-element will become the development direction of monitoring and display equipment, and market demand will also be diversified and segmented.

It is expected that the LCD monitor will occupy more than 90% of the entire video surveillance display market in the next three years.

Ultra-narrow edge display will continue to be the most popular product in the large-screen splicing market. With the promotion of ultra-narrow edge displays, the market demand for large-screen splicing display devices will continue to expand. It is expected that the ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing market will be compounded in the next five years. The growth rate will remain at around 24%.

In the next few years, the stereotyped pattern of LCD splicing, DLP rear-projection, and PDP plasma splicing in the large-screen splicing market will remain unchanged. However, under the premise of three points of the world, their respective market share, there will certainly be no small changes.

Different users have different needs. In the current high-definition video display devices, whether it is LCD, LED or HD-SDI, whether it is LCD splicing, DLP splicing, or PDP splicing, there is a clear distinction between the market, the price is also obvious segmentation. Because of their irreplaceable advantages, they will co-exist in the market for a certain period of time.

The maintenance of the LCD monitor must first avoid the monitor colliding or rubbing against some hard objects. Because the monitor product is fragile, its ability to resist "impact" is also very small, many crystals and sensitive electrical components will be damaged in the event of an impact, so always be careful not to let the monitor have access to those pairs It is easy to cause damage to the object.

In addition, you should always pay attention when cleaning the screen. Do not spray cleaner directly onto the screen, because these liquids may flow into the screen and cause short circuits that may affect their use. The cleaner should be sprayed onto a clean soft cloth, and then wipe the screen to avoid danger.

Second, if you inadvertently spray cleaner onto the screen, you don't have to worry too much when the cleaner fluid fills the screen. If it is found before the boot just a screen surface mist, gently wipe with a soft cloth can be, if the water has entered the LCD monitor, then put the LCD monitor at a slightly higher temperature, for example, under the lamp , gradually evaporate the water inside.

However, if the situation of “overwhelming” on the screen is more serious, the user still calls the professional maintenance personnel to ask for their help. Because the more serious moisture will damage the components lead to permanent damage to the liquid crystal electrode corrosion. Therefore, when you do not allow liquids or water to flow into the monitor screen, you should try to use the monitor product in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Third, it is best not to use a screen saver. why? Then look down and you will know. Because the core structure of the LCD monitor is similar to "sandwich", it is a liquid crystal molecule in which two glass substrates are filled with motion. The signal voltage directly controls the switching state of the film crystal, and the transistor is used to control the liquid crystal molecules, and the liquid crystal molecules have obvious optics. Anisotropic, able to modulate the light emitted from the backlight to achieve image display. A complete display consists of many pixels, each of which looks like a switchable transistor.

A liquid crystal monitor that is displaying an image has its liquid crystal molecules switched on and off. For a monitor with a response time of 20ms, the liquid crystal molecules have been turned on and off for several hundred times in one second. The number of switching times of the liquid crystal molecule, that is, its service life is limited. After using a certain program, there will be aging, affecting the use of results.

When the computer stops operating, the screen saver that displays colorful and repetitive movements on the screen allows the liquid crystal molecules to remain in the repeated switching state. This will not shorten the useful life of the monitor. Therefore, when the computer is not used for a short period of time, the computer can be put into a standby state. This means that environmental protection and energy saving can also extend the service life of the monitor. What are you doing?

Finally, if there is a problem with the LCD monitor product, do not dismantle the product without permission because the monitor generates high voltage internally. It is not only dangerous for people who do not know to disassemble the monitor, but also it is easy to remove the monitor. Faults increase, so when problems occur, you must promptly call a professional service agency to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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