Overview of the components of DWT-1-20 axial flow roof fan

The DWT/YDTW series of low-noise roof ventilators produced by Yujie Air Conditioning adopts CAD simulation optimization design. The “Xinghuo” scientific research products developed by the large-break test have “high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, etc. advantage
Overview of the components of DWT-1-20 axial flow roof fan

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Overview of the components of DWT-1-20 axial flow roof fan

1. Uses: 4-72 type centrifugal fan can be used as indoor ventilation for general factories and large buildings, conveying air and other non-self-igniting gases that are harmless to the human body and non-corrosive to steel. The B4-72 fan can be used as a ventilation for flammable volatile gases.
2. Applicable environment: no viscous substances are allowed in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained in the gas are not more than 150 mg/m3. Gas temperature must not exceed 80 °C
3. Rotation angle: from the side of the motor, the impeller rotates clockwise, which is called the right-hand fan, which is represented by “Right”; the impeller rotates counterclockwise, which is called “Left”. The exit position of the fan is expressed by the angle of the air outlet of the casing. Types 4-72 Fan No.2.8~6 are made in one form at the time of shipment. The unit of use is installed to the required position according to the requirements. It is not required to specify when ordering. No2.8 Air outlet position adjustment range 0~225 °, interval is 45°. No 3.2~6 The air outlet position adjustment range is 0°~225°, and the interval is 22.5°. No.8~12 The air outlet position adjustment range is 0~225°, and the interval is 45°. The position of the air outlet is made of three fixed types: 0°, 90°, 180°, which cannot be adjusted. Please specify when ordering. The fan has four transmission modes: A, B, C and D. Among the 4-72 fans, No. 2.8 to 6 adopts the A-type transmission, and No. 8 to 12 adopts the C and D-type transmissions with the B-type transmission.
4. Overall structure: No. 2.8~6 of 4-72 type fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet and other parts with direct-coupled motor. No. 8 to 20 In addition to the above parts, there are transmission parts and the like. China Hardware Business Network
5. Impeller: consists of 10 rear-tilted airfoil blades, curved front disc and flat rear disc. It is made of steel plate or cast aluminum alloy and has been corrected by dynamic and static balance. It has good air performance, high efficiency and stable operation.
6. Case: Made in two different forms. No.2.8~12 The casing is made in one piece and cannot be disassembled. The casing is made into three-open form. Except that it is divided into two halves along the middle water level, the upper part is divided into two halves along the center line. connection.
7. Air inlet: It is made into a whole, installed on the side of the fan, and the cross section parallel to the axial direction is a curved shape, which can make the gas smoothly enter the impeller and the loss is small.

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