Plastic furniture has become popular

For many years, the raw materials for the furniture market have been dominated by a wide range of wood materials. However, with the reduction of wood resources, people’s awareness of environmental protection has been increasingly strengthened, and colorful and various shapes of plastic furniture have become popular in the furniture market. .

Compared with other furniture, plastic furniture has the following advantages:

Colorful and smooth lines

Bright and colorful plastic furniture, in addition to the common white, red orange yellow green blue blue purple ... ... all kinds of colors, but also transparent furniture, its distinctive visual effects to bring people a visual comfort Feelings. At the same time, because the plastic furniture is molded by the mold, it has the outstanding characteristics of smooth lines, each corner, each arc, each grid and the interface are naturally smooth, no manual traces.

The shape is varied and beautiful

Plastics have the characteristics of easy processing, so the shape of this kind of furniture has more randomness. The freeform design expresses the designer's highly individualized design ideas, and reflects a casual beauty through the inaccessible shapes of general furniture.

Lightweight and compact

Compared to ordinary furniture, plastic furniture gives people a feeling of lightness. You do not need {HotTag} to spend a lot of effort, you can easily handle it, and even if it is a plastic furniture with a metal bracket inside, its support It is generally hollow or small in diameter. In addition, many plastic furniture have the function of being foldable, so it is space-saving and convenient to use.

Wide variety of applications

Plastic furniture is suitable for both public and general households. In public places, what you see most is all kinds of chairs, and there are countless varieties suitable for families: dining tables, dining chairs, lockers, hangers, shoe racks, and flower stands.

Easy to clean and easy to protect

Dirty plastic furniture can be washed directly with water, simple and convenient. In addition, plastic furniture is also relatively easy to protect, and the requirements for indoor temperature and humidity are relatively low, and are widely applied to various environments.

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