Pros and cons of tatami platform

The tatami floor is good or bad, so when you choose, you must brighten your eyes and identify the pros and cons of the tatami platform. So today, Jia Xiaobian tells everyone about the pros and cons of the tatami platform.

When the tatami platform is purchased, the general flat quality is relatively good, and the rough quality is relatively poor.


If the surface of the tatami platform is relatively uniform, there is nothing unusual. If there is a crease on the top, there is a grass head, etc., the quality is average.

If the tatami platform is finer. And it is relatively uniform, and the corners are also very distinct and of good quality. The above pins are generally marked with obvious marks, and they are confusing, and there are bulging pins on the top, and the quality is average.


The tatami floor should also be noted above the thickness. The thickness of the upper and lower sides is relatively uniform, and the thickness and hardness are comparable, and the quality is good. If the thickness of the four sides is different, and the hardness is soft and hard, the quality is normal.


The above is an introduction to the identification method of the tatami platform. I hope that it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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