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In order to create a warm home environment, many consumers are willing to make more "blood" in home decoration. However, the reporter found in the interview that many consumers often feel at a loss when choosing home improvement materials. Luo Yu, head of the China Quality Inspection Station for Wood Furniture, reminds you of several issues that you should be aware of when choosing wood furniture or boards.

Solid wood board: vigilance shoddy

Because of its good quality, no pollution and beautiful appearance, solid wood panels are favored by many decoration households. However, according to the reporter's understanding, many consumers have entered the building materials city with little knowledge of the solid wood panels.

When buying mahogany furniture, we must be alert to shreds and plates dealers. According to the reporter's understanding, the phenomena of shoddy filling are often present in the solid wood panel market. There are a lot of furniture on the market that are marked with mahogany furniture, which can be purchased for more than 4,000 yuan. In fact, its raw materials are imitations of ordinary mixed wood such as red heart paint and Burmese red paint.

Consumer tips

The price of mahogany varies greatly, and the difference sometimes reaches several thousand yuan per square meter. When buying solid wood furniture, be sure to understand in advance the characteristics of the panel. For example, Burmese red paint heart color red, then gradually turned into a purple-brown air in the case of crows and red acid materials were jujube red, white rosewood color is lighter.

Wood-based panels: note the amount of formaldehyde released

In an interview, the reporter learned that due to the relatively cheap price of wood-based panels, the demand for the wood-based panels even exceeds the quality of solid wood panels.

However, the formaldehyde pollution often associated with wood-based panels has also caused headaches for many consumers.

According to experts, Daxin board's materials are logs, and its horizontal bending pressure resistance is also strong. The raw materials for particle board and density fiberboard are crushed wood or other materials, such as sugarcane stalks. It can be seen that particleboard and density fiberboard are far inferior to large core boards in material selection. In addition, the material used for the particle board is not completely crushed into fibers, but is crushed into granules, which are then crushed together with a glue; and the MDF is obtained by completely comminuting the wood raw material into a fibrous form and then adding a glue.

At present, the classification of wood-based panels on the market is mainly distinguished from the production technology of panels. At present, consumers often have chipboard, density fiberboard, large core boards, plywood, etc. in the market.

Consumer tips

Consumer Tips: When buying artificial board, try to use less glue in the production process to add more plates, and do not blindly climb the price.

The level of formaldehyde emission is stated on the quality inspection report of the regular board. Consumers should purchase plates from the regular plate city and take the initiative to ask the seller to issue a quality inspection report.

When purchasing artificial board, consumers can request sales staff to issue a board quality inspection report. The national standard is that the formaldehyde emission quantity is limited to E1 and E2. E1 ≤ 1.5mg/L, E2 ≤ 5.0mg/L; E1 sheet can be used directly in the room, E2 sheet must be processed for indoor use. And Luo Zhe suggested that consumers choose the best E1 plate when choosing.

Intimate prompt purchase of furniture ten items

1. Choose a reputable furniture city;

2. Choose famous brand furniture with environmental quality assurance;

3 solid wood furniture is relatively environmentally friendly, but the price is higher;

4. Artificial board furniture, the highest formaldehyde emission, children's room furniture should not choose artificial board furniture;

5. Model sofas and leather sofas are relatively polluted and the pollution is formaldehyde and TVOC;

6. Children's room furniture should not be too bright, heavy metal pollution is relatively high;

7. Furniture surface decoration is usually based on paint, should pay attention to the pollution of benzene and TVOC, do not be too clueless to the propaganda of furniture vendors, water-based paint because of the higher prices, so ordinary furniture is rarely used;

8. Some furniture surfaces are melamine, which also releases toluene and TVOC;

9. After the furniture enters the house, pay attention to window ventilation, do not rush to stay, if there is still a more irritating odor after a month, it is best to carry out indoor air testing to see if furniture caused indoor environmental pollution;

10. If there is pollution in furniture, first of all, look for furniture manufacturers to negotiate, at the same time to inform the furniture city where the furniture is purchased, and ask their quality control department to participate in the coordination.

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