Seven most common problems with automotive explosion-proof membranes

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This article is intended to explain the seven most common problems concerning automotive explosion-proof membranes. In recent years, the quality of automotive explosion-proof membranes has been uneven, and there will be various problems. For these problems after the film, Xiaobian asks Experts in this area, please ask them to analyze these problems, give the novice car owners a professional reminder when purchasing the explosion-proof membrane, so that everyone can spend the summer in peace. Explosion-proof membranes mainly have the following problems:
Symptoms 1. After the film is applied, the side window corners will wrinkle.
Specific performance: In the short term after the film is applied, the side window will find the problem of wrinkling of the corners. Reasons: First, there are quality problems in the explosion-proof membrane itself, and second, the process in the construction process is not relevant. Expert Tip: If the quality of the film is not good, it may be the quality of the explosion-proof film given by the store, this is the case.
Symptom 2, not very insulated and the glass is hot
Specific performance: Under direct sunlight, the insulation effect is not good. After the air conditioner was turned on, it was still hot and the glass had some scalding. Reason: Mainly due to the quality of the film. Expert Tip: Insulation is one of the main functions of explosion-proof membranes. Explosion-proof membranes of better quality generally have both reflection and absorption. In contrast, inferior membranes are cost-effective, and a large amount of absorbent is added to absorb the heat, so that the heat is absorbed on the glass, causing the car to be stuffy and the glass surface has a hot hand. It is worth noting that this film absorbs heat for a long time and may even cause the glass to explode. Therefore, when the owner purchases, he must understand what type of heat absorption the other party provides.
Symptom 3, seeing the window from the car will be dizzy
Reason: It is very likely that a poor quality dyed film was chosen, which led to this phenomenon of affecting vision. Expert Tip: The clarity of the film is mainly related to the manufacturing process of the film and the glue used. At present, the sharpness of the dyed film on the market is the lowest, and the evaporation coating is second, and the sharpness is better as a metal sputter film. Therefore, when selecting a film, it must be carefully discerned, and a film that is too reflective is usually not ideal in quality.
Symptom 4, film fading, blistering or color mottle
Reason: Like this, it is largely a dyed film that is stuck against it. This film does not show a problem for a short time. However, after a long period of time, under the sun exposure, it produces photosynthetic and thermal effects, which are easy to decompose, age, fade, and foam. In addition, it is easy to refract light, which is a visual fatigue of the driver. What's more, the plastic dyed film also contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, which have an impact on the health of the owner. Expert Tip: It is recommended to purchase and construct in the official authorized stores of major explosion-proof membrane brands.
Symptom 5, the glass edge film automatically lifts up
Specific performance: After a few days of filming, the edge of the glass is lifted. Reason: Mainly due to construction reasons. Because some models have too large a glass surface, if you don't pay attention to it during construction, it will cause the film to turn up after a few days. At the same time, because the glass surface is too large, there may be bubbles on the predetermined side, and it will be a few days after completion. , there is a lifting phenomenon. Expert Tip: In view of this situation, the construction matter is squeezed with a soft cloth to the outer edge, which can prevent the lifting after a few days. At the same time, if the tempered flat blade is used to scrape the heat and then close the air bubble, the effect will be ideal.
Symptom 6, the original car glass burst
Specific performance: After one week of filming, the original car glass burst. Reason: The technical method was not mastered during construction, or the quality of the glass itself was problematic. Expert Tip: The glass of individual models, because the surface is too large, the technical requirements for the film are also high. Therefore, if the construction technology is not enough, it may cause the glass to burst when the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is too large. To deal with this "easy to hurt" glass, it is best to use the dry roasting method to avoid overheating the glass when it is shaped. If the correct method has been used during construction, the glass still blew itself, which is the quality of the glass itself.
Symptom 7, the original car remote control failure after filming
Specific performance: After the film was applied, the door was closed that night, and the remote control of the original car failed, and the lock was not on the door. Reason: In theory, after the general vehicle is filmed, it will not affect the normal operation of the original car controller. However, according to the owner's screening, this phenomenon usually occurs after the film is attached, and it is estimated that there is a problem in the construction. If the original car controller is disassembled and found to have water droplets inside, it is largely due to the inadvertent construction, resulting in water intrusion and failure. Expert Tip: This shows the importance of standard construction. Therefore, the construction environment of the other party is also a key consideration for the owner.

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