Solar cells incorporate a small amount of metal elements to increase efficiency

This week's Nature-Communications Journal reported a method of controlling doping that can improve the efficiency of thin-film solar cells. New technologies help make low-cost solar cells.

Manufacturing thin-film solar cells is cheaper than manufacturing traditional silicon solar cells, but thin-film solar cells are generally inefficient. Doping refers to the incorporation of a small amount of a metal element into the material. This method helps increase the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, but the manufacturing process has the opportunity to destroy the electronic properties of the material.

The Lukas Kranz research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Materials Science and Technology now overcomes this obstacle by successfully incorporating copper into cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cells. They carefully controlled the copper atoms doped in the CdTe layer by vapor deposition and thermal treatment. The researchers pointed out that if the solar cell CdTe layer deposited on the glass substrate, the battery efficiency can reach 13.6%, while on the metal substrate it reached 11.5%.

These values ​​have surpassed the threshold required for industrialization and demonstrated the feasibility of producing high-efficiency CdTe thin-film solar cells. The new method further improves the efficiency of CdTe solar cells. (Zhang Zhang)

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