Standard for Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Profiles

【China Aluminum Network】 The doors and windows on the market are relatively numerous, but also more complex, and some are regular businesses, and some are just blindly seeking more profits, so they should be careful when purchasing, where Scarlet Xiaobian gives We introduce the standard of broken aluminum windows and doors profiles:

1. Profile wall thickness: General home improvement products, the national standard for the use of the wall thickness of not less than 1.4mm, the specific thickness selected by the designer design. Then the wall thickness is less than 1.4mm are non-standard products;

2. Insulation strips: Insulation strips are the key components of aluminum bridges. National regulations require the use of PA66 nylon strips. Some manufacturers on the market use inexpensive PVC plastic strips, which will affect the service life of the products.

3. Glass: Broken aluminum doors and windows must be made of insulating glass of different thicknesses. The original film is float glass. The thickness standard is 5mm. The thickness of the insulation between the two glasses is between 12mm and -15mm, according to the specification of the window and door profile. set up;

4. Doors and windows tapes: The rubber tapes should be imported EPDM products, and its service life is 30 years, while the ordinary inferior products have a lifespan of only 5 years.

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