Teng create a smart lock to join the advantage

With the constant warming of the smart lock market, many people are also aware of the business opportunities here. There are many smart lock brands, how to choose. Then we introduce the advantages of Tengchuang smart lock for everyone.

Product advantage introduction

In addition to the functions of other fingerprint code locks, Tengchuang electronic locks are the first fingerprint locks that will be activated in the country. The lock cylinders are not exposed and all technical features are turned on. The system adopts two modes of convenience and safety, which can be interchanged freely. Two sets of independent circuit and mechanical structure, the product is more reliable. In the safe mode, the fingerprint password function is completely shielded. Only the IC card can be used to open the door with the key, eliminate the fingerprint film, and guess passwords and other illegal access.


Dealer joining advantage

1. To solve the problem of the impact of e-commerce on physical stores, we implement the online subsidy line policy. There will be a certain subsidy for each online sale.

2. Solve the competition between peers and physical stores. Tengchuang electronic lock has unique product features, accurate solution to customer pain points and national invention patent protection.

3, huge profit space, to achieve a certain amount of sales headquarters rebates.

4. Implement regional protection.

5, the implementation of a unified national price online and offline.

6. One-to-one service for distribution.

7, to reduce the pressure of pressure goods pressure, online sales of products all from the existing regional distributors, manufacturers will return the goods and subsidies to the dealer.

8, quality problems unconditional return policy, withdraw from joining in the case of two sales does not affect the 80% of the refund money (return all 100% out of the box detection, manual and management costs deducted) and in accordance with the return of a certain amount of subsidy deducted.

The above is what we introduced for everyone about Tengchuang smart lock joining advantage, I hope you can help, if you still want to learn more, welcome to leave us a message!

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