Wansheng manufacturers share how to extend the life of new couplings

The new coupling is characterized in that it comprises a coupling sleeve, a diaphragm, a coupling hub, a coupling key and a coupling plate; the coupling sleeve, the diaphragm, the coupling hub and the coupling plate are arranged coaxially from right to left; Three first key grooves and three second key grooves are uniformly and uniformly formed on the outer circumferential surface of the coupling hub and the outer circumferential surface of the coupling plate respectively, and the first key groove and the second key groove are respectively located. In a one-to-one correspondence, the coupling hub is connected to the coupling plate through coupling keys that are snap-fitted into the first key grooves and the corresponding second key grooves. According to the novel coupling device of the present invention, the coupling plate is fixed by the screw and the coupling key, and the synchronization displacement is maintained. The coupling key is always stuck in the first key groove on the outer surface of the coupling hub. When the shaft fixed in the coupling disk is horizontally moved, the coupling disk and the coupling key are driven to move, and the coupling hub is kept stationary, so that the two shafts connected by the novel coupling of the present invention generate relative displacement in the horizontal direction. The new type discloses a new type of coupling including a positive coupling, a driven coupling, and fixing holes on the active coupling and the driven coupling. A transmission mechanism is arranged on the driven coupling. The transmission mechanism includes a connecting block integrally provided with the driven coupling joint, a transmission rod rotatably connected with the connecting block, and an elastic member located between the connecting block and the transmission rod, and the transmission rod is opposite to the other end of the connecting block. A baffle is provided, and the active coupling joint is provided with a positioning groove for the baffle and the transmission rod to be placed, and the positioning groove is also provided with a limiting plate for preventing the baffle from falling off. The utility model has the following advantages and effects: When the coupling is working, the cooperation of the transmission rod and the elastic member not only has a good buffering effect, but also has the stability of the flexible coupling centering, and the transmission torque is strong. In addition, the working efficiency of the improved coupling also ensures the service life of the coupling.

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Details about SMT01568 aluminum gas lifting height adjustable table for bedroom
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SMT01568 aluminum gas lifting height adjustable table for bedroom
caster wheels
White, black, grey 
Place of Product
Guangdong Province,China
Modes of packing
Packed in one carton
 adjustable height 
table top:dia60cm
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