What is the difference between decoration and decoration? What is the price of the decor?

Decoration and decoration are actually two different concepts. It is just that in life, people often confuse the two and cause confusion. Here, we will popularize the concept of decoration and decoration for everyone, so that everyone can distinguish. Renovation generally refers to the construction of demolition, alteration, replacement, and construction of the building structure. Before the renovation activities, the approval of the housing management department or the property management department is required to start the construction to ensure the scientific and rational construction plan. Let's take a look at the decoration and decoration together with the decoration home network Xiaobian .



The original meaning of decoration refers to the “modification” of “appearance of goods or goods”, which focuses on the exploration and research of problems from the perspective of appearance and visual art. For example, the treatment of indoor floors, walls, ceilings and other interfaces, the selection of decorative materials may also include the selection, configuration and design of furniture, lamps, furnishings and sketches.


The decoration is also called decoration or decoration. It refers to a set of construction plans and design plans that are carried out in a certain area and scope, including hydropower construction, wall, floor, ceiling, landscape, etc., according to certain design concepts and aesthetic rules.

What is the difference between decoration and decoration?

From the small orientation of the furniture and the door, to the custom treatment of the room accessories and lamps, it is the embodiment of the decoration. The decoration and decoration are different, and the decoration is the method of artistic processing of daily necessities or living environment. Strengthen the aesthetic effect, and improve its function, economic value and social benefits, and design with environmental protection. The perfect decoration should be closely combined with the function of the object, adapt to the production process, exert the performance of the material material, and have a good artistic effect.

At present, many houses are not necessarily convenient and reasonable in terms of use. Therefore, many families have remodeled their rooms without destroying the overall structure of the house. In order to achieve convenient living, comfortable and reasonable. Demolition: It is a part that causes inconvenience to daily life, such as unnecessary doors, non-load-bearing partition walls, etc. Change: It is to move and change the position of the door, partition, circuit, water pipes, heating, etc. Change: Replace the original doors and windows, bathroom facilities, kitchen equipment, etc. Made: It creates a permanent shape on the structure, such as a heating cover, a ceiling, and a light pool.

The construction of the decoration is large, the consumption of funds is large, the professional technology is strong, and the construction period is relatively long. Therefore, for each family, it is necessary not only to be cautious, but also to complete the professional construction team to receive satisfactory results.

What is the difference between decoration and decoration?

Decoration generally refers to the packaging treatment of the surface of the building to improve the quality of the living environment and highlight the individuality of each family, usually by means of painting, smashing, hanging and other means. Therefore, when decorating indoors, decisions can be made within the family without the consent of the housing management and property management departments.

In the decoration project, the most attention should be paid to the matching of colors, the coordination of proportions, the interest of art and the convenience of daily use. It is an engineering project with rich emotional content and artistic pursuit. This part of the project is influenced by family aesthetics and economy. The influence of strength and occupational scope is strong, and the gaps reflected by various families are enormous. Under the current living conditions in China, the saying "civil engineering can't be mobilized" mainly refers to the renovation project. Each family, like cleaning the room frequently, constantly decorates their living environment to create a new and vivid life. A lively family living environment.

Interior decoration material price:


1. PVC ceiling profile price: the price is 20-30 yuan / square meter, the installation fee auxiliary materials and labor costs are about 30 yuan / square meter.

2. The price of gypsum board: standard size 1200 mm × 2400 mm × 9 mm, common price 25-30 yuan.

3. Lamp price: about 300 yuan can meet the needs of the average family. If the grade requirements are higher, the price can go up.

From the above we can clearly see the difference between decoration and decoration, so after we need to decorate and decorate, we must figure out the difference between the two, can not be confused. However, it should be noted that because the price level varies from place to place, the above prices are for reference only, and the actual situation shall prevail. If you want to know more about the decorative information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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