What is the difference between decoration and decoration?

With the new house in hand, everyone will naturally start preparing for decoration, and when inquiring about decoration companies, they often see companies with decoration in their names. So, what is the difference between decoration and decoration ? What are the general options for decoration? Below, I will focus on analyzing the difference between decoration and decoration .

1. What is the difference between decoration and decoration

1. Decoration, from the interpretation of the dictionary, refers to the "modification" of the surface of the utensils, pays attention to the exquisite appearance, and shows a strong visual art sense. It can also be interpreted as: treatment of floors, walls, ceilings; selection of decorative materials; selection and design of furniture, lamps, and decorations.

2. Decoration, everyone should be familiar with this word. It refers to the modification, replacement, and dismantling of buildings and building structures, and pays attention to a certain degree of rationality and beauty. It is not a blind one, but a purpose and a plan. Construction. To put it another way, it is to give beauty to the house from the inside out and "materialize" every bit of life into a space. The main categories are hard and soft, one inside and one outside.

3. In terms of literal meaning and part of speech, the decoration looks more upscale than the decoration, but the actual content of the two does not make any difference in construction. So to a large extent, there is only the difference in word modification. Therefore, some decoration companies like to use this higher-looking term to highlight the company's taste and strength. If we look at it from the perspective of the owner, the two are the same thing, there is no obvious difference, the construction and design are the only ones we look at.

Second, which methods are generally chosen for decoration

1. Semi-package repair

Semi-package repair is one of the most common decoration methods. The point is that all the main building materials are selected and purchased by the owner himself, for example: tiles, wooden floors, latex paint, etc. The decoration company is responsible for the construction and purchase of some auxiliary materials. For example: cement, sand, lime, etc. This decoration method is more suitable for owners with experience in decoration, so that in the selection of materials and procurement, the owner is not easy to eat the price loss.

2. Full package repair

The whole package repair, the key is a whole word. By the decoration company contractor, package material, packaging repair, all three guarantees. To elaborate, the building materials are all responsible for the decoration company, and the construction is also the same. The owner can make a "hands-off shopkeeper". This decoration method is more suitable for owners who have less personal time and are busy working.

Summary of the article: The above is all about the difference between decoration and decoration and which methods are generally chosen for decoration. No matter what kind of decoration you choose, you must have a certain understanding of the decoration. Only by understanding the relevant procedures and steps can you avoid falling into the decoration trap.


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What is the difference between decoration and decoration

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