WISCO won the title of outstanding supplier of Shenlong Automobile again

Recently, it was learned that at the 2011 Supplier Conference held by Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd., WISCO once again became an excellent supplier of the company.

As one of the more than 300 major suppliers of Shenlong Company, WISCO is the first steel supplier after Shenlong Company implemented centralized procurement, and the two sides have established a strategic partnership. At present, WISCO automotive panels have been involved in all models of the company, steel grades covered with mild steel, high-strength steel and bake hardened steel; galvanized automotive panels are not only used for the internal structural parts of the company's products, but also for some outer panels. Through strategic cooperation between the two parties, WISCO has satisfied the rapid development of Shenlong's demand for steel. Shenlong has made important contributions to the progress of WISCO galvanized automotive panels, and is a successful example of cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries.

The evaluation of suppliers by auto manufacturers is mainly based on the comprehensive performance of quality, cost, delivery, R&D and service. This time, WISCO can obtain the title of excellent supplier of Shenlong Company, indicating that WISCO has new features in meeting the comprehensive capabilities of auto users. The improvement of WISCO's automotive sheet business has made new progress.

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